Just who is Todd Standing?

We pointed out in an earlier blog about my first gut reaction to Todd Standing’s alleged head shot of a Sasquatch and how my gut reaction just doesn’t sit right.

Well first of all it is on good merit.

See why in the world would Todd Standing use an alias while being the main figure at a production company? More matter of fact his sister Louise is using an alias as well.  (Yes he has a sister Louise).

Here’s a screen shot of the old production company site:



And we know Standing aka Todd Rockwell had his own faux Facebook page:


Apparently Todd also has a sister, Chantel.

The question is why would you hide your real name from a legitimate business? unless it is a ploy to set up for your REAL business of Bigfoot hoaxing.




Of course the above ad when revealed several years ago, and some work done over at Ghost Theory, Sylvanic Video #1 disappeared.

It was very clear  that Todd had put an ad in a paper looking for actors prior to the release of Sylvanic one.

But I also believe in my opinion, that the actor thing was not going to work out, and his first original goal was a “Blair Witch”  style Bigfoot “Documentary.”  I also think that Sylvanic 1 was actually Louise Standing playing the voice of the girl in the video.




Whatever the case, the early, less practiced deceptions and aliases should be an alert that Standing was not trying to hide himself from the Bigfoot world, but rather attempting to hide the fact he was fronting a production company is HUGE.


Now take a look at that “Bigfoot” head, and tell me why is there no shots of the body, or it walking into picture? If it’s handheld why no shaking?

It reeks of production company work, my thoughts are CGI with a mix of real photography, and not very good at that because the fact that in both the video and captures the focal point seems at several different depths, at which the layers were focused improperly.

If this was one fluid piece, such as an a real photo or video or animatronic head captured by video, there would only be one focal point per frame of video or picture.


Till next Time