I have some general thoughts on Todd Standing’s “Blinking Bigfoot.”

It was originally released in 2011. First of all, the pictures I’ve seen appear to show only one creature.




My ultimate gut is, there is something wrong with the pictures.

Notice the camera seems to be focused at different depths while out of focus in between some of those depths, to me meaning something graphic has been added to the photo of the photo had the blurring added to mask a quality or detail the presenter does not want the public and or experts to see.

common attributes


The other thing that seriously grabs my attention is that the clips look awfully similar in tack to the obviously poor model in the picture on the right, released by standing prior to “Blinky.”


Source: http://squatchdetective.weebly.com/sylvanic–todd-standing.html

Of course we know Todd owns or owned a production company named “OutStanding Productions,” in which he hid his identity using “Todd Rockwell,” as an alias as well as having an ad looking for actors just prior to the release of Sylvanic Video #1.

This means that CGI could very well be at Mr. Standings fingertips. I have a pretty good eye. And in my opinion this looks like CGI to me or a model morphed to appear it is blinking.

CGI may also explain the varying degrees of focus in the picture. Time will tell as our investigation will continue.

Till Next Time,