Hey gang, well what a busy week it has been. I am beginning working on some more analysis of some national things going on so please stay tuned for that. Let’s see what I can come up with now.

One interesting side note over the last several days was the admission of Washington state prop maker, Chris Russell of making Dyer’s Dummy. Now mind you Chris is an innocent here. He knew nothing of Tricky Ricky and knew nothing of his intentions.

Chris has come forward and answered honestly, and I give a big thanks for that.



Chris Russell

There was mounting pressure on Russell for a couple of months to come forward.  Like I said on previous posts, Dyer leaves an indelible footprint on the web wherever he goes! But Chris is a man of honor and had signed an NDA.

When Ricks tour collapsed, and Dyer confessed to it being a dummy, he gave Chris the go ahead to break the silence.

Last night, Russell agreed to an interview with a Washington researcher, Laura Michaels who does an awesome job of getting the information. And thumbs up for Russell coming forward and answering questions. 

Here’s the interview:

LM: Ok guys. here it is. One thing Chris Russell did want me to say, is that he wanted this to be copied, shared, or whatever, with his exact words. Please don’t edit it at all. Thanks!

I sent him questions via email and he worked on the answers while working in his shop.

CR: This is part of the mold for Hank. He was sculpted in WED clay to look like " and old, poorly made taxidermy prop" per clients request.



This is what is left of the plaster mold. The rest of it went to the dumpster. Latex is the yellow color seen in the photo in the mold. I will pull out the casting of hanks face tonight and send photos.




HANK was made of polyfoam filled latex with latex paints and red camel hair glued on… intentionally to look like an "old poorly made taxidermy of a bigfoot nearly 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide at shoulders" at clients request to tour the country while filming of a movie for film studio I will not publicly name at this time.




I signed non disclosure agreements with Dyer LLC to keep this a secret until the code word PROJECT FOOTPRINT was said. I was only to answer phone calls from a number listed in my phone as project footprint.

The email correspondent during the project also gave that code word. Last night in a live audio / video chat revealing the truth behind "the hoax" Rick Dyer said that he cannot reveal the maker of the prop because they wish to remain anonymous I spoke up and said the code word and Rick spoke the code word and identified myself as the maker of the body known as Hank the bigfoot.

I was the person who told Rick from the beginning that I did not want to be involved in the film, credited for the prop building, leaked to media, or on camera for the film crew filming everything. I specifically requested no film crew at my studio on pick up day and that only two people come, Rick himself and one helper.

He contacted me last year inquiring about having a prop bigfoot body made. I did not know him or his name prior to the phone call. He asked about different styles of props and I discussed options and prices for his body from realistic silicone and punched hair to the flat back prop with glued hair that was chosen.

Within a couple of days of Rick picking up the body I began hearing internet buzz and news reports on Rick and his story.

Rick did send me drawings and images of bigfoot and asked me to recreate certain features in his prop like facial features, fur, feet etc..

Many of the features explained in your question were intended by myself, although some were just happy accidents due to the nature of casting latex and foam.

When Rick inquired about the prop he did ask if I could have it finished in December 2013. I accepted the job knowing I was booked on current projects that would be finished to allow time for Ricks project.

I was paid and put the job on the project board in the shop. Once I started the project it was sculpted, molded , cast, painted and haired within two weeks. Rick did not rush me, I agreed to finish the job by a certain time and I did.

Project footprint is the code word that Rick Dyer and myself used to communicate about the project. There was an agreement because of the top secret nature of the prop that we neither of us would speak to anyone about this unless the code word project footprint was spoken unless this was said I was to keep everything a secret and never admit involvement.

My phone had a phone number listed under project footprint that Rick would call me from and I also received emails with the code word project footprint and information about the project. Rick had initially said that we needed a code word to know if it was okay to talk about this and project footprint was my suggestion.

Rick did have one person with him who came into my studio and did see the prop knowing it was fake. I asked Rick to only bring one person into my studio with him and I was introduced to the person although at this point I do not remember his name but I believe that person to be Lynk according to his description.

(Steve Kulls note: Dyer tried to accuse Andrew Clacy of being there in his “100% truthful statement,” now we know, that was a lie!).

Rick and his associate came into the basement of my studio and I lifted the body made of latex and poly foam by myself and took it upstairs where Rick and his associate put it into the box added curtains around the edge of the box and the three of us pushed the box down the driveway into the back of his "Rick Dyer see bigfoot inside " trailer that was parked in front of my studio

LM: Although Rick has confessed to having the body made, he still claims he has at least one Bigfoot body…somewhere. Did he ever tell you, during any of your conversations, that he DID kill a Bigfoot?

CR: Rick has maintained throughout all of our correspondence that he did indeed kill a real Bigfoot yet needed a prop body to take on tour so that the real Bigfoot would not be stolen.          

                                                               —Chris Russell via Facebook March 29th, 2014


Petition to Charge Dyer

I know how these things work. We need REAL victims, ANYONE who has given money to Dyer and feels ripped off, to call the FBI directly.

There is a petition, started by a concerned individual, but unless you were a victim a petition just won’t haul is ass to court.

It may help a prosecution IF VICTIMS COME FORWARD, ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY and put this guy away.

But do your part anyway at least symbolically


Sneak Peek

Like I said I’m working on some things, but here’s a hint:



Camera angle and head only shot makes it look awfully similar to this:




Question is, if these are both Sasquatch as Standing claims, why so different?? We’ll have more in the near future.



Till next Time,