I just got done watching an HD copy of Shooting Bigfoot late last night when I came to realize that the ending not only sounded staged but LOOKED it as well.

Let’s look at the ending blow by blow…

Dyer-ama of Dyer-ia

First Dyer claims to have seen a little girl in a dress.

We see this sudden strain between him and Matthews.

Now for the first time while in the field, Matthews films himself on site and does an in face commentary, where he starts the climactic sequence with this predicate:




Then we go to a scene from the Biscardi portion, which actually looked credible at first, because there was no Biscardi. But we see another strangely staged scene it appears with Matthews moving about in the woods to find “Youngblood,”, whose real name is actually Rob Price, hiding directly behind him.

We cut back to the Dyer camp for the finale, where Morgan amazingly seems to have the camera right on the part where the alleged creature is going to hit the tent, coincidentally seconds after Matthews turns t he camera on and then gives the signal to hit the tent by saying…


Now we cut to the “attack.” First we here Matthews state, “Rick… Rick come back to the camp” Then we here a change and hear Matthews state “Rick, I’m going back to the camp.” In the process of saying a bit more louder when the attack begins, which Matthews amazingly has the camera in the right position.



I’m going to withhold commentary on the above picture until the next section. Now finally and the most convincing this was a setup, was the camera positioning when Matthews was allegedly knocked unconscious.




Well first here we are again with another Matthews money shot. There was one more as well on the way down but this one shows not only very rubber looking appendages, but look at the camera angle… straight up. Not very congruent with Matthews alleged facial injuries.




So here’s a capture of Matthews interviewing Dyer for Shooting  Bigfoot with a boom operator / sound tech. Does it look like it may defy the laws of physics for the camera to fall on it’s end, especially when at first it begins to fall it’s going lens first, snaps up to capture an image of the creature and then rests on it’s end which buy the way is not a flat surface, as that’s where the battery pack is.


Below is a shot of the equipment according to Dyer’s website in 2012.


Given the story line, the ease of money shots, the corny language used in the ending of “Shooting Bigfoot,” and the defiance of physics, the ending is ALL false.

Commentary about the Face…

As far as the face of the creature. it is pretty amazing how all parties involved left the upper portion out of it, including FBFB. No wonder they were in shock after the movie and Noel was on scene as well in Canada for the Hot Docs premiere. The top half and eyes obviously give it away as a fraud.

Randy Filipovic aka Racer-X has some great thoughts about that at his blog.


So arrogant were they prior to seeing the film they were all singing and acting punch drunk. They even sent me a little not about what am I going to say when I am proven wrong by this “documentary.” But instead of being stand up guys and honest, when they realized it was a sham they chose to do damage control, and keep skin in the game.

Searching for BS with Carmine and crew…

I loved it. If there was any more of someone being show as a know it all, cry baby, here it is. Morgan starts by confronting Biscardi about being involved in the 2008 Georgia Hoax.

Matthews confronts what we’ve been saying all along about Biscardi.

Matthews: “They say you said to them,  you know the body’s not real, but we can make a whole lot of money out of it and that you would give them fifty thousand dollars, so they went along with it.”




Tom’s response… here’s a shocker was a LIE…




He then adds the caveat, “until now.” But in 2009 he knew he was being blamed for his participation and even masterminding the latter part of the hoax.

Well here’s a little reminder and a tease from my book “Fifty Large,”

First the partial statement given to Clayton County Police by Bill Lett about the fifty thousand, BUT, states the date he got the DNA was August 9th, 2008.


Partial Statement

Which is why the freezer receipt, which the creature was kept in,  dated August 8th, 2008 at 8:45PM is all so important to Biscardi being involved.  He was present for the DNA collection and he saw it UNFROZEN. Remember in his own words, “He touched it…felt it..smelled it.” What I smell in Biscardi’s responses is BULLSHIT.



And just to show the money was real, here is the actual Bank Withdrawal slip, also part of the police record…


So Biscardi storms off afterwards, realizing Matthews talked to Whitton and Dyer, and he begins his tantrum like style we’ve all come to know and love, and gives me my new catchphrase. (I nearly fell out of my chair laughing with this one!)


Angry Tom


Of course throughout the film, Biscardi is very much captured as he really is. Contemptuous, nasty, egotistical, and occasionally funny. Quite funny and sad all at once. But the it’s obvious, Matthews does not portray Biscardi in a good light at all, not following the story of his Bigfoot investigations, but rather the idiosyncrasies of the personalities he interviews provided he can exploit them.

For example there is a witness from Virginia that’s a little bit off base. Okay…he’s a lot off base. Morgan gives him a lot of face time compared to the next witness who has a much more credible story.

Well get more into that on Part Two of my review.

Till Next Time,