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Well another week, and the Bigfoot Bounty is barreling on, seeing yet another team eliminated. Leaving five teams, meaning at most only one more month to go but there’s always that show, where they usually have a “double elimination” as part of the exciting “Survivor formula”.

It will be very interesting to see if “The Bounty” gets renewed for another  season.



Will season one be the end of Bigfoot Bounty? Or will Rosie & Spike approve a second season and make it a quicker picker upper?

Bigfoot Dummy Tour Update

Will “Tray” Dyer, (yet another Ricky Dyer alias, shortened for one of his middle names), really be on tour?

Is he on tour now???

Ah the speculation.

Funny thing is, he’s been trying to sell the BF Tracker RV  for a month and Trailer just in the last few days!!!

Take a look:

Dyer Selling trailer

RV For Sale 3Winnie

If anyone doesn’t know where this is headed well then they are beyond most help. If they go out and attack the critics of this, call them “haters,” well then congratulations to them, they’ve been brainwashed.

This is really how this one will end up…


(Note: The above picture is satire)

Wonder if Joshua P. Warren is going to handle the sale of Dyer’s new dummy?

Radio show news…

This week on Squatchdetective Radio, we’ll have on our good friend from New Mexico, Crypto Four Corners Founder, JC Johnson.



This week’s guest, Crypto Four Corners’, JC Johnson


Join us 8:00 PM EST Thursday nights on Squatchdetective Radio.

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