…for me anyhow.

First I’d like to thank again all the well wishes and prayers from folks just about everywhere over the passing of my mother earlier this week. It meant so much to me and it was uplifting. Thank you.

I’ve lost a brother and a mother in less than five months now. But I come from tough stock, and frankly, I won’t let a think such as death from me marching forward. (Well at least not my own anyhow.)

Now let’s get onto the issues at hand.

Dyer’s Dummy…

Okay if I’ve said this once I will say it again. This is a media ploy on so many different fronts.

First, there’s Dummy Dyer, promoting Dyer’s dummy because he feels left out in the cold because of “Finding Bigfoot,” “The Ten Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” (Which will be the name of the SNL Parody), Melba and Dr. Sykes.


Dummy Dyer and Dyer’s Dummy.

He also feels left out because all those stations he puts on his vehicles, don’t want him. The only way he can get on the channels is by…well…lying. But since they are not news outlets, he may make their websites, but the actual channel…um no.

Which is my next point, the only program Dyer could get on the ticket with, was of course…the other fine upstanding hoaxer…er ah… researcher, C. Thomas Biscardi. Ohh… the irony.


The News Media Agenda

Gang, I hate to say this, but the puppet masters behind the news media, no longer care about the news, they care about ratings and filler. And when you worry about ratings, and filler guess what?

Go ahead…shout it out!

That’s right, gentle readers, the content slips.


So when HuffPo, Yahoo News and MNN (Malaysian News Network), etc. report about Dyer’s Dummy and Dummy Dyer, it’s a slow news day and it fits the media’s agenda to discredit ANY Bigfoot / Sasquatch Research, which is why THEY are taking credit for most of our work discrediting the dummy and his dummy.

Newsflash for next week’s slow news filler, “Honey Boo-Boo talks about her harrowing car accident.”

Nut up my friends!!

Hey to all those on the $10 Mil Bigfoot Bounty, I would like to say this caveat.

First, I did turn it down. Why? Well I didn’t like what I saw. Having worked television, I saw what they wanted said, I heard what they wanted to do… not for me. Not jealous at all of those whom made it. Congratulations on having the chops to at least give it a go.


That being said, TV is tough work, and a lot of long hours, not knowing exactly any of the production planning, (mainly with these types of programs) and that plus all the other environmental challenges. Hats off for making it through.

But also…take criticism in stride. Nut up! Not everyone is going to like what you do, but being a rude ass, will only disenfranchise you on social networks from the people that do care about ya’s. So act classy and take it in stride, even though you feel it’s unfair, and even in some cases uncouth, (like the $^*@@^! who slammed Rictor on his sexual preference on Twitter). Act above it.

That also being said, I don’t watch “Finding Bigfoot” on a regular basis nor will I be watching this show. Not an insult to either, it’s just I don’t really watch too much television, and what I do is usually on the internet anyhow.

The Six Degrees of Bigfoot Bounty (Parody)

First of all we have this show… Bigfoot Bounty which reminds me automatically of the “Quicker Picker Upper”:


But here’s where the coincidences is just more than coincidence…

Anyone remember this movie???

download (1)


I don’t want to even think of the hypotheticals!

Now… we all know that Bigfoot Bounty is hosted by… Dean Cain…



But here we have it…the answer… (***Warning Spoiler Alert***)

download (2)


This means that NO ONE will get the 10 Million….well maybe next season.

Till Next Time,