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Footage owner chimes in…

In a blog earlier today, we mentioned how Tom Biscardi et al has used a video by Bob Daigle taken in the late 90’s from Ohio.

In a response this evening, we heard from Bob through an intermediary…

Steve, Thanks for alerting me to this unauthorized and illegal commercial use of my copyrighted videos. I will be contacting Mr. Biscardi.

                                                                             … Regards, Bob Daigle.  May 17th, 2013



The back of the DVD case stating, “No Fake Locations, No fake stories.” Well apparently that’s not true as we shown.

Seems like “Pursuit”, will be pursued, possibly by attornies.

Till Next Time.


This came to my attention over the course of the last few days. Apparently Tom Biscardi has just released a “Blair Witch” style Bigfoot movie with the following advertisement:


Advertisement on the link to the DVD

The confusing thing is at the bottom of the page it says this, as well as the DVD case.


This statement was seen at the bottom of the page, which is it? Real or Fictional. Well we think we have the answer.

On the trailer for the film there are several snips of video footage, and just recently, Biscardi on his podcast had allegedly the two folks responsible for the footage.


One of the trailer’s for “Pursuit” showing the clips from Bob Daigle’s film and the Georgia dash cam video from the police car, labeled as “Actual Bus cam video.”

Please read the comments from the person alerting me to this, in an email alerting me to this footage on May 16th, 2013:

On his latest show Tom has a woman on named Jody.  Tom claims the footage in his film trailer, the same that I have had a copy of since the late 1990’s from Bob Dagele. Tom claims that these women Jody and Jane who he had on his latest radio show, the footage is there’s and from North Carolina.                                                                                                                                  

These are a couple of stills from the trailer, “Pursuit.” The incredible thing is, I too met Bob Dagle at Salt Fork State Park in May 2011. He was showing these exact same videos. They were from Ohio, a short distance from the park, as I recall and shot in the 1990’s.    



These captures, I had first seen from Bob Dagle at Salt Fork State Park in 2011, showing videos from Ohio taken in the 1990’s.

Also included was this, alleging it was a “Bus Cam Video.”

buscam hoax

Note the date and time has been blurred out.

This may look familiar to all of us, because it was on the first episode of “Finding Bigfoot,” as it is the Georgia Police Dash Cam Video.

Here’s the readout from the police cruiser within milliseconds of the clip shown in the movie.

georgia dash cam

The police cruiser’s data from the dash cam video, featured on “Finding Bigfoot.”

So this all begs the question, which is this? It says fiction, but it’s being labeled as no fake locations or stories.

Well Mr. Biscardi, we have found quite the opposite.

Till next Time,


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