In a remarkable turn of events last night, I called into Dyer’s show last night, after people claiming I never had the guts to and I hide behind a blog.

Well, fact is I don’t hide behind a blog.

Dyer brought me on and chided his cohosts no name calling. And the conversation was actually quite civil and we had some fun at each other’s expense at times. I took no offense as I gave back and was allowed to.

What amazes me is that Rick and I when we talk mano y mano, we usually settle down and have a downright decent conversation. Each trying to prove their point.

What I did last night was put the human side of myself out there to the supporters of Dyer. Through that they understand that I have no vendetta, nor am a hater.

I am person, who believes that Rick Dyer did not kill a Sasquatch.

Does 2008 have something to do with it? Yes.

Should it? In my opinion yes.

Why? Because in my background as an investigator, it’s a known fact people behave in patterns.

The bottom line always comes down to this…

  1. A video is only as good as the story behind it. Too often we see a video and things happen in the story line that eventually unfold and are contradictory of the claims.
  2. You need extraordinary evidence to make extraordinary claims. We’ve seen no extraordinary evidence in  this case. Only a short bursts of film.

So here’s my challenge to Mr. Dyer, stop making up stories about people…period. Stop blaming people for doing things they are not doing. I will be at least less annoying. I still may post my opinions… but there is no vendetta as you say. This as I have always stated has been my job.

With that being said… as it always boils down to, and even some of my colleagues state…

Rick has gotten his message out to everyone. Now I have, and the reasons why I do not believe the contradictions.

It comes down to August 15th again. Now this time it’s 2013. This time I am confident there will be no body.

Is there much to say until then? Unless something significant develops, I don’t think so. The next real Chess move is on Dyer this time.

So let’s move on to Bigfoot…the season is moving into full swing!


Till Next Time,