Despite some lobbying of Chris Noel, claiming he is not in Dyers corner, despite a book insisting he shot a Sasquatch and wild allegations of Hank Williams Jr. being his investor, ( I know, I know… craziest thing yet heard in this cabal) it would seem Tighty Whitey hasn’t quite realized he’s on the Titanic.


Noel, in our opinion, has lost all reasoning ability in the matter of Tighty Whitey.

Probably the most pathetic of his statements was that “the case only gets stronger that Dyer shot and killed a Sasquatch in San Antonio and there is no evidence of a hoax.”

He had his chance after the airing of “Shooting Sasquatch,” at HotDocs. But all that had occurred most likely was a discussion of how to save face. We know they were quite upset with what they had seen in the film. Hence no call to Tighty’s show.

Tighty was bragging how he would be vindicated on April 30th, 2013 and we called it correctly. Blame will go to the director, Morgan Matthews.

Do you think I wouldn’t have a couple of folks nearby, one watching the film and another watching their reactions? 

What the hell planet is Noel exactly on anyway? No evidence of a hoax?

Let’s start with evidence piece number 1:

He hasn’t produced a body.

Mr. Noel in our opinion has lost all his reasoning ability in this case. Why?

I’ll tell you why, in 2008 there were all these sources, saying this and that, how it was real, investors this and that, guess what? All bullshit.

He may have gotten a Ph.D in Philosophy at some fine institution, but I got my Ph.D in Philosophy at the School of Hard Knocks. Fool me once…

Well besides us ripping Dyer’s libelous and malicious edits, with rock solid evidence, defaming people who do not believe in his Swiss cheese story of shooting a Sasquatch, defections in the Dyer camp are rampant.

A lot of the “Army” he claimed to have is jumping ship, grabbing life jackets, getting on the life boats and coming over to the side of truth while Tighty is playing the role of Bruce Ismay, insisting the ship can’t be sunk. (Remember it was Ismay who disguised himself as a woman and got on a life boat, when they said women and children first.)


As of 12:30 AM Eastern time, this is what you see when you go to Tighty’s main page or Team Tracker page:


Apparently the webmaster had enough of Tighty Whitey.

What’s in the “exclusive” areas of Team Tracker?

Well thanks to some folks, we now know Tighty Whitey’s schedule.

Remember we told you of that video equipment he bought at the end of September 2012, well apparently the day before the body release slated for Bigfoot Black Friday, August 15th, 2013, on the 14th he plans to reveal a new film.

He’s also planning a “body tour” from January to April next year… yeah right.

There’s also a picture in there of a stolen frame of “Shooting Sasquatch,” when allegedly FBFB members illegally taped some of the film from inside the theater.

The picture actually shows details, that “Hank’s” face was really a mask. We’ll have some detailed analysis of such within a couple of days.

On another note, we’ve seen that a lot of the defectors have finally seen the light. Good for them.

Of course we welcome them with open arms and forgiveness for any transgressions.

See even they have more reasoning than some apologists. Like those stating they are not behind Tighty Whitey, but do all they can to support his claims, make money with books about the killing or even more dubious, just trying to save face. Well it ain’t working.


Till next time,