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Dyer was right… why wait?

The ball is rolling……

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Documentary hosted and directed by our good friend Jay Michael. It stars Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Billy Willard, Tim Cassidy, Dave Dragosin, Stan Gordon, Eric Altman and myself.

Be sure to check it out! (I hear pre-sales are being taken on E-Bay for $15.00.)

Here’s a brief trailer:


Trailer for American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America

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In somewhat of a shocker, FBFB has suspended operations until an undisclosed time, issuing the following statement:

“The mission of FB/FB has been to curate and analyze all of the evidence regarding the existence of Sasquatch. We have cataloged and analyzed Bigfoot videos to foster a conversation toward understanding their morphology and existence. We have featured hundreds of responsible researchers and witnesses and the compelling information that could give. We endeavored to be responsible and ethical at every turn, treating everyone respectfully.

We are aware, as many of you are, that Bigfoot exists throughout North American forests and look forward to moving the conversation beyond “Does Bigfoot Exist?” to “How are we related to Sasquatch?”

We recognize the need for a specimen to start the new conversation. No amount of video will ever prove that a creature as controversial as Sasquatch exists. We feel we have spent more time curating the evidence than any other group and we are confident in our theories. The power of a social network is incredible.

Are we shutting FB/FB down? No. The “Night Video” in Shooting Bigfoot is compelling and all admins believe it to be authentic. Unfortunately the FB/FB forum is now so toxic that it is unproductive. Our mission has never been to ban the opposing voices. Until we all have definitive proof of what happened on 9/6/2012 in San Antonio Texas we are suspending operations. We feel this best for all.

In the opening of Morgan Matthews’ documentary, “Shooting Bigfoot” he shows Ivan Marx and establishes hoaxers as a part of the Bigfoot Research history. Matthews acknowledges Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi as hoaxers in 2008, yet he follows them. At the end of the film Morgan is pushed to the ground and injured by something he cannot describe. He reminds the viewing audience that Rick Dyer has hoaxed before, shows the camper video and then contrasts it with his severe injuries from an attack of tremendous force. Morgan doesn’t claim or prove that Dyer hoaxed him. In fact, the film ends abruptly for the audience to decide if he was involved in or a victim of a hoax or a real event.

Morgan edited the film as a cliffhanger, but he surely knows the answer about the body and events of that night. That Sasquatch either exists or it does not exist. Yet he remains silent on the topic. That should give us all pause…. Why?

We have spent a great deal of time following this story, and investing thousands dollars and hundreds of hours of investigations. We have nothing to gain, receiving only pain and derision for our position. If we have been hoaxed, it is more brilliant than we can possibly fathom.

We stand by our analysis of the Camper Tent and now the “Matthews/Dyer Night Video” and the account of Musky Allen. We see no evidence of a brilliant hoax by Matthews and Dyer.

Rick Dyer recently stated that a Bigfoot body will be shown to the world on 8/15/2013. If that promise is held true, that date seems to be a perfect time to start the new conversation, “How are we related to Bigfoot? and what great truth can be learned from their existence.” If there’s no body and this has been a brilliant Rick Dyer hoax, then the FBFB Page will frozen in time forever as evidence of that event.

We are against censorship and feel strongly that preserving the hundreds of thousands of user comments and posts. Just because a handful of hate-filled fomenters that are hell bent on burning everything is no reason to erase years of work. We have experienced this first hand with the organized and mindless take down of our YouTube channel.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interviewed Morgan Matthews this week and when he was asked if he believed in Bigfoot.

Here his how Morgan answers the big question:

Interviewer from CBC: “Do you believe BF exists?”

Morgan: (hesitation) It’s…it’s a difficult question.

Interviewer from CBC: “Really?”

Morgan Matthews: (turns question back on interviewer without answering her question) “Do YOU believe he exists?”

Interviewer from CBC: “NO! What is this like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?”

Morgan Matthews: (interrupts) “Sorry I think the world is a better place if people believed Bigfoot is out there.”

We couldn’t agree more!

To our true Fans, we hope to dialogue with you again soon. Thank you for your support and patience with the negative comments on FB/FB. You can reach us at Till then, we will work on an update to our book and may quietly re-upload our lost content to the facebookfindbigfoot YouTube channel.”

                                                                                     -Facebook Find Bigfoot  5/5/13


No evidence to them that this is a hoax?

Well the part of the interview that escapes this statement was the fact that Morgan Matthews stated explicitly that he did not transport, nor is in possession of a Bigfoot Body. This is in direct conflict what Tighty Whitey had originally stated.

  • In fact Tighty Whitey had stated that he was so angry the film company had given him a Lincoln Navigator. We proved that to be false in this post December of last year, as an obvious lie by Tighty Whitey.

As far as Dyer making claims of additional footage not being shown, well one of two things will happen.

  1. He will come out with his own documentary, as he has claimed on his show.
  2. Amazingly, Minnow will release the additional film to him.

If had made the greatest discovery of the world, why?

Let’s not forget when the “Camper” video came how Dyer claimed that the film crew had HD video of the creature, that was the big news. It was not until a month later when no one was paying much attention, that a body was mentioned.  And since then, how that story has changed.

  • Let’s not forget the series of video released by Mr. Dobbs, and the homeless man in the actual film, outing the whole thing as staged as we reported here just last week. The very series of films previously FBFB was pointing to as validation to Tighty Whitey’s  “accomplishment.”

Of course if it’s not the MiB’s screwing Tighty Whitey over, now it’s Minnow Films. We too stated that this would have been a claim after the release of the film.

Of course the entire episode started with a lie, complete with pseudonyms and phony Facebook accounts. (Remember Dan Morgan?) . What does that tell you? Our very first post outing Dyer, as the “Camper” videographer should really have been the end of it and his future claims.

The big regroup

Is FBFB acting in concert with Tighty Whitey is the big question on people’s minds. I have many sources at my disposal. Their gut feeling is no, that they’re on the cusp of naivety and gullibility.  However I will not be FBFB apologists. We’ve said many times on this blog, that FBFB is a big target of opportunity to Dyer. What is by happenstance or coincidence?

In this blog we’ve not only pointed out the facts weighing heavily on Tighty Whitey not only being a sociopath, but the etiology of sociopath themselves as targeting anyone, even their friends, which they consider they do not have any “true” friends, a comment echoed by Tighty Whitey himself.

Is it coincidence however that Tighty Whitey, conveniently receives a “threat",” that forces him to go into hiding, and FBFB decides several days later to suspend operations. Their last great holdout before the call for shut down. Which at this point will seem inevitable as this hoax falls apart before our very eyes.

Pure speculation, but did Tighty Whitey, find this out before hand, and caused his own suspension prior to theirs to make it look like they are acting in concert?

What ever the case, the arguments are so strong against their side of the story, they are out of excuses and spin to come back with what more can they really do?

The fact is FBFB’s only salvation in this point to turn things around was immediately after the film was shown. They were supposed to be on Tighty Whitey’s show, but failed to show up. We know they had plenty of time, as in this post last week, there was a fair amount of standing around and discussion, a time in which they should have been celebrating vindication on Tighty’s Show.  

Their time for denouncing this as a hoax has now passed by this, and by continuing to state they believe Tighty Whitey, despite his lies and grandstanding, and the facts staring them in the face.


As this hoax unravels, the clear lesson here is that there are some folks in the research field, and enthusiasts that will believe, well… anything. In so much, as Tighty Whitey’s previous foray in 2008 the mainstream media exposure has been very limited, mostly around the documentary.

The hanger-on’s

Again this includes FBFB, some have gone “all in” on this, or they just can’t believe someone would lie so blatantly to them. But true to that is the nature of the sociopath, and if they find a few accomplices, especially those who have a grudge with the Bigfoot community, all the better.

As an investigator, I have looked people in the eye who will deny and lie, and insist on the souls whomever they feel will sway me to believe them, despite having a video, or my own eyes, what I have seen. There are people out there like this. They are called sociopaths.

We’ve known some big name sociopaths in our lifetime, such a Jim Jones, the originator of the drinking Kool-Aid term. Charles Manson, who has more than just sociopathic tendencies going on.

Many sociopaths escalate to violence. A fact that I left out in my post about them. In Tighty Whitey’s case, it’s viscous lies about people, such as them never being a licensed Private Investigator, said license being revoked (well which is it?), and the latest, being deep in debt in child support (the most wildest claim of all as in NY I would not have a driver’s license or any other NY license for that matter and would be incarcerated).

A lot of folks in his camp state, well everyone is entitled to a mistake. While true, Tighty Whitey has had a long history of lies and deception dating back to 2007 with his E-Bay shill bidding as posted here in October 2012. Let’s not get into in 2009 how he stated he had yet another body and in 2010 how the MiB’s took it, all after in 2009 when he stated he was turning over a new leaf.

Fact is, that if a person resorts to attacks, as rather fighting with facts, their facts are weak if any.

The hanger-on’s, holdouts and the like, are wanting to believe in something, so badly, they mute all reasoning and facts, and with very little evidence to support their beliefs.

The bottom line is, the mute button at their own request is on these folks now. SO prepare for what’s next.

However I need only to point out Tighty Whitey has only one week left to come clean… Tick Tock.

Till Next Time,


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