In this not so surprising exposure of the final scenes of “Shooting Sasquatch,” the homeless man, whom Dyer points to as proof, totally blows the last scenes of the movie out of the water.

The timing of the release of this film by Mr. Dobbs, is in my opinion no way coincidence, my guess he was waiting for  the release of the film to release this video. Well played sir, well played!


Homeless man speaks out on the staging of the shooting scene on “Shooting Sasquatch.”


Once again we refer to Tim Mitchell’s conversation with “Musky” Allen Issleb, stating that this was a promotion the whole time by Dyer.


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Chris Noel reviews “Shooting Sasquatch”

Now in the past we’ve had a run in with Mr. Noel over this situation, but I give props to a down the line, neutral review of the film by Mr. Noel, which can be read in full on

Chris was amongst the FB/FB contingent traveling to Toronto to see the premiere of the film at the Hot Docs Film Festival.

“This is a distinctly mediocre film saddled with a non-ending. The ending fails regardless of the viewer’s standpoint on the existence of Sasquatch or Rick Dyer’s recent claims to have killed one in September of 2012.

…Certainly, having been there in the flesh, the director knows whether or not this is the case, yet in coyly refusing to share what really happened that night, and what it means, he is failing to resolve or even to address the two crucial points of suspense raised at the film’s outset—whether Matthews can recapture his boyhood belief in Bigfoot, and how he wound up in the hospital, escaping with his life. Escaping from what?

…Morgan Matthews evidently found himself painted into a corner, unwilling to sacrifice his film’s mocking stance by engaging the issue of Sasquatch directly, and unable to deal Rick Dyer any final, castrating blow. By simply opting out of the necessary commitment to one conclusion or the other, this filmmaker has ironically thwarted his own artistic manhood.”

                                                                                                  – Chris Noel, 5/2/13


We applaud Mr. Noel for coming down off the excitement he originally displayed in a “lack of judgment,” pertaining to a conversation with me. No need to revisit, as he appears to at least be calling in neutrally.

Well said Chris!


Now look at the scorecard

  1. Dyer’s documentary has been outted as staged.
  2. Dyer’s purchase of video equipment, as first exposed here, and the fact he says he has a documentary coming out.
  3. Matt Knapp and I’s prediction that after Hot Docs that Dyer would make the statements that Dyer would be claiming Matthews now showing everything.
  4. Guy Edward’s Stages of hoaxes, “Delay, delay, Delay.”
  5. The convenient reveal of the “body” on the fifth anniversary of “Bigfoot Black Friday.”
  6. FBFB’s not calling in on Dyer’s “big party,” show after the premiere. They were all too shocked and disappointed, and probably having doubts. (at least at that time).

Delay, Delay, Delay…Great Vid by the Bigfoot Police…

    Video posted by the Bigfoot Police


Now Look at the misrepresentations by Dyer on “Shooting Sasquatch.”

  • “Shooting Sasquatch” will show clear and up close HD video of a Sasquatch.
  • “Shooting Sasquatch” will vindicate Rick Dyer.
  • “Shooting Sasquatch” will be the downfall of the “Haters” who will own Rick an apology.
  • “Shooting Sasquatch” will show the world that Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot Body.
  • “Shooting Sasquatch” will appear at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It was very clear from day one, to all of us look at this critically, that “Shooting Sasquatch” would not contain any ground breaking material. If it did we wouldn’t see it in such a small venue, nor would the details of what was on the film be so coy by the filmmakers themselves.

Those who work in film, especially documentaries know this. The last great example of this was Destination Truth press conference about the hair samples and track find.

If they had shown what Tighty Whitey had claimed, they would echo the sentiment. Instead we got, “Well, you have to wait and see.”

Why…well read the review by Chris Noel, he paints a clear picture for folks on both sides of the fence, that’s why.


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