Shooting Bigfoot is over with and FBFB is SILENT!!!  An hour after the movie, and Foss and company have yet to call in on Dyer’s show.

Dyer now says, as we predicted, Morgan didn’t show all the footage and now body will be released on August 15th, but he really didn’t say what year!!!



As reported on the Bigfoot Evidence Blog a Twitter user has seen the movie and spied upon FBFB and crew after the show, and they did not seem too celebratory at all as evidenced by these pictures.


Not looking like a monumental film as once billed.

Dyer’s celebration was cut short and without the much anticipated call from Foss and the FBFB crew, which should have occurred at least by the time these pictures were snapped sometime after 10:00 P.M.

My apology to FBFB for the film not being what they expected, remains at this point unanswered. (And we do know they answer via smartphone.)



Also missing is a video AFTER the show, they were pretty quick to post videos before the show including up until their seating in the theater.


Maybe when reality sets in, they’ll realize they’ve been the victim of another Dyer Hoax or lackluster defenders till the end?

Well I’m sure they’ll be more in a bit!!!

Till Next Time