Some interesting developments,

1. Dyer quotes Morgan Matthews stating, “He isn’t personally in possession of a Bigfoot body”

Take it as you may of there being no denial there was a body, however I find the use of the words, “a Bigfoot body,” versus, “the Bigfoot body.”

Again with the limited information at this time, it’s hard to state in what context it was taken.

2. More interesting Dyer makes the claim on 2/11/13 to FB/FB founders, the Bigfoot he allegedly shot knocked down Morgan Matthews. Now there’s a good question to ask the fine director!



Dyer’s reenactment with Jim Larranaga portraying Morgan Matthews

See a little problem though. An 8 foot Squatch pushing someone like that would not be getting them in the chest, but rather the head, and let’s not forget that Matthews would be holding a camera.

We know this because Dyer on February 21st, 2013 flew to Minneapolis and called the person knocked over the “camera man.” He also handed over two shell casings to FB/FB claiming them to be the spent cartridges of the alleged kill shots.


This is in direct conflict with his original story, where the camera man was directly in front of the Sasquatch when he shot it. In this very blog we spoke of how irresponsible of a shot that would have been.

Now if you listen to Dyer’s story, on the 11th, he states Matthews was in his tent, because he opened the tent flap. Then Morgan tries to grab the gun.

But in the Rick Dyer sanctioned recreation, you have Dyer standing barefoot, in his boxers, taking a shot at the big guy with no one next to him.

artist recreation

Dyer’s sanctioned recreation…(which he sells on BFT!)


And remember in the original version this occurred in the morning! And the lighting in the original video, indicates it was DAYLIGHT!!! It’s in color, and night vision doesn’t shoot in color.

And what would Matthews be doing in Dyer’s tent at night, (especially when Dyer is in his skivvies as illustrated) when Matthews allegedly had his own tent?



Dyer illustrating the two tents on 2/23/13.

True to a made up story, Dyer forgets that on the 11th, he stated Matthews opened up his tent, as his illustration shows his tent (1)and Matthews tent, pictured here as he is labeling it.

Now add this to any lack of evidence that Dyer was with Matthews in September 2012, remember the video clips he showed us was from 2011, by his own admission.



The FB/FB “Private Video”


The Effect of the Dyer Hoax 2012-2013 on FB/FB

Well if stats say anything, it paints not a pretty picture, although initially it caused a spike in their views and subscribers, the views have dramatically dropped off.



The other interesting thing, Dyer has not been the biggest draw to FB/FB’s YouTube site, as the “Rick Dyer Unplugged” comes in at #6, drawing 10K+ views, a far cry from the 97K+ #1 seated, “Bigfoot Video # 57.”

There “Authentication” video with sound and the voice of Morgan Matthews comes in at #17 with only a little over 3K views.

This comes in under the “Jeff Anderson Jack Barnes” YouTube site:



They also have a smaller stat page for another account, the FBFB YouTube page:




On that page the authentication video fairs a little better, but there’s only fifteen videos listed to this account, versus 160 with the other account.

Now let’s look at Dyer’s stats,




Now in the last box, we understand for some reason his stats do not show up for his live broadcasts, but they are ranked by most views.

The number 3 video, (a repost of the “Authentication” video) only comes in with 1387 views.

Even Tim Fasano’s YouTube page fairs better than Dyer’s, more matter of fact it appears to do better over the long term than FBFB.



I mean you can’t argue Fasano’s numbers with this chart:

Fasano Stat2

Till Next Time,