Here’s a little find by the Squatchdetectives, (that’s what my posse is called, LMAO!).

A little site found by chance smearing the names of several researchers and groups including the Olympic Project, Steve Alcorn, Derek Randles, Bart Cutino, all of Team Tazer.

Funny if Dyer is such good friends with Derek Randles and are having him, like he’s claimed, coming to see the body why is he smearing his name?

Created on February 1st 2013.




Funny how he includes his own link on a page that states,  “Everyone on this site is a Hoaxer or is supporting a hoax!”

I know, I know… but it is quite ironic.

The site is a redirect to Dyer’s smear blog (also created Feb 1, 2013). But look who owns both:


As far as Issleb’s Middle School antics, well it just shows his maturity level, and he’s so wrong about so much too, it’s laughable! Nice try, but it the funny thing is, his source was me!!!

Check out my March 12th, 2013 blog!!!

Too funny, but I got out of High School a long time ago, it doesn’t bother me, and unfortunately for Issleb this has backfired on him.

But as usual, why are questions not being answered on Issleb’s Facebook page?

Why are people sincerely questioning Dyer and Issleb being blocked?

Funny thing is… People think I’m obsessed with Dyer and or Issleb. Nope, I’m haven’t even doing much lately, but my Squatchdetectives have. I come home from work, and not from W-A-L-Squiggly-M-A-R-T either, and have the stuff handed off to me. That’s how much people dislike them.

Now who is obsessed? Dyer and Issleb!


Till Next Time,