In a post last night Robert Lindsay wrote this,


lindsay comment


I have a large amount of animosity towards Dyer?

Mr. Lindsay the one whom stated he hates Dyer, yet I have never stated I hate Dyer. That’s because I don’t. In fact I’ve had two phone conversations with him in the last two weeks.

It is Dyer that goes into personal diatribes, making threats of all out war, for me simply providing the facts and stating how much of this is a hoax. If he had a body though, why would he be so mad?

Every post here has been backed up by

  • Contradictory Statements by Dyer/Issleb/FBFB
  • Facts are provided with documentation and/ or with back links
  • In cases where things have been wrong, they have been corrected or annotated.
  • And in some cases humor but never hatred.

Perhaps hoaxers and the uneducated about why I do what I do should  read the My 5 Tenets of Bigfoot research.



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In fact I remained out of the fracas the last time Dyer stated he had a Squatch and the MiB’s took it and his alleged trip to Canada.

Obviously Robert has been taking what Mr. Dyer has stated to heart which is the worst thing anyone can do. Verify…verify..verify.

Now apparently Dyer has been saying some more interesting things, although my source of this is from Robert Lindsay and not Dyer:


govt facility


If this is what Dyer is saying… well again we told you so..again!

Sounds a little bit ridiculous again.

Now again to the statement as to the Hot Docs film festival:

lindsay 4


In actuality as we seen from response by Charlotte Cook, the response is not just limited to the “last 3 minutes” but to the entire film and ANY film in the festival.





None of them are talking about the content of ANY FILM. Can’t make that any clearer. They can’t either.

Sounds like the responses FBFB got were written to specific questions and the 3 minute comment was not spontaneous like the Dyer camp and FBFB would like you to believe.

Here’s the recently found write up for “Shooting Bigfoot”  in the Hot Docs flyer,



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Take that “extreme lengths” comment how you will.

I take it is as “ambiguous.”

But begs to ask the question, If it contains something so spectacular, why is it so far down on the list?

Why isn’t it being billed as “Proof that will shock the world?”

What happened to that press conference with the film makers Dyer promised us in October?

Till Next Time,