There have been some attempting obviously at the inspiration and direction of Mr. Dyer, to insult, harass and harangue via comments, though they have been miniscule.




If for one minute they think there posts are getting through, they are wrong.

And when I say Kool-Aid drinkers, it’s okay to believe what he says. It’s another to attack people with hatred, because they have an opposing views. By Kool-Aid Drinkers, I mean the ones who go on the attack at Dyer’s whim. 

They are the ones obsessed by Dyer, and I had an interesting conversation over the last few days with some folks with psychological backgrounds.




See if you talk to Dyer, he’ll ask you if you if you believe in Bigfoot. If you say yes then you run the gambit of joining his ranks in a cult mentality.

I mean let’s look at the facts. Is internet harassment legal? No. But you do it at his bequest. Come on sheeple!

That’s what a cult is, a person or organization that controls your mind, despite the facts and evidence and makes you do things you would not normally do.

A cult leader (normally all sociopaths) use your beliefs and twists them to their advantage.

And every time someone gets the straight dope on him, he gets angry, name calls and makes lies. And makes his sheeple do his dirty work.


Mad as hell

Baby need his blanket??? Dyer mad as hell.


Why am I after Dyer? This is what I do when I have a hoaxer that tries to intimidate people who disagree with him. AND I DON’T BACK DOWN!

Am I obsessed with Rick Dyer? No. But I am obsessed with getting the people of the same ilk, hoaxers, and especially ones that keep coming back like bad gas pains from a night of binge eating chili by a camp fire.

Don’t think that any of your insults, name calling and proof that you are need of serious psychological  intervention, that Dyer has inspired will show up here.

They won’t.

And they all get kicked to the spam box after the first one…so I don’t see them either ever again!



Till Next Time,