As we’ve seen in the past with hoaxers like Linda Newton-Perry on her Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog, often pictures state a thousand words.

When those pictures have been ripped off from other sites to embellish thinks such as evidence and expeditions, you can tell just how trustful a person can be.

Let’s look at Rick’s site,  and his expedition photo page. It states, “Here are some of the pictures from our expeditions.”




Now lets look at some of the pictures on the site, particularly the last three.

Picture of the SUV going through the water:



Actually comes from here:




Picture of the backpackers:



Actually comes from here:



Picture of the guy by the lake:



This actually comes from:



The picture from the awning, shown is not from an expedition but from the McGee Lake Monster Conference in Oklahoma from 2010:



The man with the hat in the PBS T-Shirt is Ken Gerhard.


Here’s Ken Gerhard being interviewed on Fox about the conference:



Who else was interviewed, stating “We had a body, but the government took it?”



Which leads us to this other “expedition” photo shown on Rick’s page:



Here’s who she is….


The reporter doing the news episode.

Thanks to the and Guy Edwards for keeping the news reel of the coverage that provided these wonderful screen captures.

Now onto the “evidence” that Dyer was with Morgan Matthews in 2012.

Well I can say with certainty these pictures have been on the web before 2012, and come on, these PROVE Matthew was there? Please:



In response to this I had a conversation with Rick, which from time to time we can be civil.

As to the Expedition photos, Rick claims that he has a third party doing web functions for him now and had no control over what they set up.


But we know that’s a lie, as we have looked on the Internet archive and found his website using 2 of the 3 since as early as 2011:




The pictures were conveniently removed from the BFT site after this post. (Thank goodness for screen captures!)

But first  I asked him about coming up with some evidence that he had been with Morgan Matthews and low and behold, he finally posted two videos which appear to be Matthews filming. And props to him for providing such (I guess my 10 percent chance of Matthews being with Dyer was slim enough for it to be the truth):

            Morgan and RickMorgan2

The videos were shot in late 2011, in Oklahoma.  So where does that leave us as to the body situation?

Well so far we have not seen anything from 2012 or in Texas. We have not seen a description change in the film from the Minnow site. And as stated in this blog, all indicators were that filming ended in 2011. This new evidence does nothing to the contrary to that.

It also does not explain how he stated Minnow took possession of the body how in the world can he be showing to anyone?

Is Tim Mitchell’s theory, for a while a Dyer/Issleb confidant, turned to the side of non-believers, when in a conversation with Issleb, Musky, stated this:

Minnow films is releasing this new documentary "of Monsters and Men" in March sometime at the independent Film festival. Rick through his BigfootTracker LLC company is guaranteed a piece of the sales of this film available only on DVD. Rick is promoting the film to enhance sales saying the Film will show a killing of a Sasquatch.

When the film is released not showing this, or an elaborate re-creation of such, Rick will claim he had no control of what final production would show and was promised it would contain the footage of the killing, and the body. Rick will continue that indeed his story is true. a story will follow explaining this and why the body is kept undercover….

                                                      – “Musky Allen” to Tim Mitchell 1/16/13

As far as Issleb’s description from what he saw during his “viewing,” I received a message this morning and this is what the person stated,

“If you are like me an avid deer hunter then you would recognize the words ‘Model 710’. That is a Remington model 700 series rifle with a composite stock and scope,I call it the Economic Model for hunters. They come in 30/06,270,300,7Mag, calibers most of the time and can be purchased at any Wal-Mart etc.

Here is the thing Steve,if you shot an Animal with any of these calibers from even close range the out come is simple. Small hole going in Explosion going out so if Dyer shot the Sasquatch in the back of the neck the end result would be NO face or Head.”

Till Next Time,