Often in the course of investigations, in this case of a repeat offender, we go through the case file to see if there’s anything old that can be used.

In this case I can thank my compatriot Matt Knapp, bringing to my attention today something I forgot; Rick Dyer’s other YouTube page. The one, not so many people know about.

I’d also like to thank FB/FB for “authenticating” Ricks video and posting pictures he had sent them with their descriptions. Without their “authentication,” debunking this hoax would not have been possible.

First let’s look at one of the authentication frames in the video, 4:32 into the video, posted by FB/FB…



As we all know the “Camper Video” aka Tent Video was supposedly shot on September 6th, 2012. Well here’s a frame, shown at 1:26 into the film with Rick in front of a green screen, from Rick’s other YouTube Page, but notice the date, April 8th, 2012.


If you look closely, it’s just another angle of the tent in the Authentication video. Notice the fire pit over Rick’s right shoulder, (on the left bottom corner). In the authentication picture it appears in the center right of the frame. And what does Rick have in his hands??? (Albeit this was some time after the pictures were taken and the background is a green screen.)


Here’s a shot where you see more of the fire pit, and the larger tent tarped which corresponds so nicely with the “authentication” frame. The camera gear is out of the shot in the picture.

Not convinced? Well here’s the next set of pics I’d like to show you.



Here’s the frame from the “authentication” video stating where the ribs were cooked.

In this frame, found again in the same video on Ricks other YouTube page, is the identical fire, again posted April 8th, 2012 in the same video.



Here’s the links to the videos, (download them while you can):


Authentication Video:


Response to Johnny Boy and his girl friend bigfoot:



If anyone has any doubt the tent picture was taken previous to September 5th, 2012, remember it was the picture of the tent found by Carl Olinselot and Steve Alcorn on the BFT website, posted much earlier than September 5th, 2013 that exposed the Dan Morgan (perhaps a play on Morgan Matthews) aka “Shooting Sasquatch” (a play on the alternate title of “Of Monsters and Men,” “Shooting Bigfoot.”)




So with that being said, I think that this one is a wrap!!!

Till Next Time…