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As I’ve stated all along, in 2008 Dyer’s original motive was to poke fun at the Bigfoot community. I’ve said this about the 2012/2013 Body Hoax as well.

It’s a known fact that Musky Allen aka Allen Issleb has no qualms about trying to make Bigfoot Researchers look bad. We’ve talked about how since September 2012, he’s been going after Dyer perceived threats. Then goes to Nevada and whammo, sees a body confirming Dyer’s “body.” Latently embellished with stories of being Rene Dahinden’s protégé.

But then there was the FB/FB connection. What’s their motive. When they first “arrived” on the scene it seemed a sincere attempt, but after a while many in the Bigfoot Community were scratching their respective noggins when FB/FB began to “validate,” by their own lazy and unscientific standards, films that were obvious fakes, both known and unknown.

In 2011, an Australian filmmaker, Matthew Sharp came to the US to basically make a documentary, thinking this was going to be some sort of joke.

He blogged about his team, which had “Jack Barnes” as one of the members.

This is what he quoted as “Jack” saying,

 "Jack Barnes is a successful businessman with a twist. During a rocky stage in his life, Jack picked up an unusual hobby. One day his wife showed him an eye-catching video of a ‘Sasquatch’ sighting. He immediately dismissed it as stupid, however the subject intrigued him. How could so many people devote their lives to this, and go to unusual lengths to find a mythical creature? This was the question that started him on a journey. It led him to an expedition in 2009, where he trekked out to the wilderness to find evidence of Sasquatch… ‘as a joke’. However he says this is where it all change for him. The skeptic became a believer after he experienced what he claimed was a sasquatch following him and throwing rocks at him. He had originally planned to make a mockumentary about the crazy community of ‘Squatchers’. But over 2 years, this developed into a documentary about an expedition to find the beast. "

                                                                – Matthew Sharp, May 12th, 2011

Source: http://matthewsharp.tumblr.com/page/3

The documentary set to be released in 2012, has never been seen. But the clues as to their involvement, at least at the get go seem apparent.

Isn’t it also strange that the film company found on Dyer’s site claims it filmed a Documentary called…



“Year of the Bigfoot.”  Made a slight mistake in the last post…thought it was the “Year of the Sasquatch.”

In a PR release dated November 16th, 2012, “Jack and Jeff” called 2013…




Not over a body, but over the films they are “validating.”

Yes the pieces of the puzzle behind the hoax is slowly coming together.

Enough bullshit! Enough diversion over who allegedly did what! 

One must ask, if this is not a hoax, then why have they asked people to lie (as shown in this blog), and make up lies (also shown in this blog)?

Dyer/Issleb/FBFB … put up or shut up!!! Until you do that, none of you have anything to say.

Keep the eyes on the prize folks!

Till Next Time,