Apparently “Mr. Barnes” wants to go on Dyer’s show and now claim I put the picture of his house on line…. A provable blatant lie.

First, if I posted it, let’s see some evidence that is not just words.

Can’t find that can they? Because it never happened.

They blame me for Barnes real address getting out there, but it is Tquite misplaced. After I took down the name of Barnes and our exchange.




In fact Randy (Racer-X) stated that FB/FB Jumpshark got the data file from him, not me:


Race-X Post

But it seems FB/FB wants to take focus off of Freezer Boy’s hoax and put it on me….NOT SO FAST.

Why would you come out and say this, just prior to you Radio show appearance where you LIE about me posting this stuff, (and fail to mention that Freezer Boy DOES THE SAME THING TO RANDY??? Hmmm?)

Again where’s there proof I posted this info?

Here’s the picture (found on LinkedIn) I posted that I removed from the post, along with the statement:

The founder of FB/FB is Jon Foss a Minneapolis businessman, who owns a swim school,



Again they’ve admitted twice now I did not post the house,  messaging on Facebook, but then they threaten me not to post any of their messages here.

So..if they’re going to lie about it, it PROVES they are now complicit in the Dyer/Issleb hoax.

In fact they stated Issleb was listening to the phone call, should that tell you any more?

But their attacks on me over lies is just a diversion to get your eyes off the Dyer


Now lets look at the fact they are indeed involved with this hoax: 

  • On November 16th, 2012 by proclaiming 2013 the “Year of the Bigfoot.” Does anyone remember what Dyer was going to call his “Big Lions” film production? “Year of the Sasquatch.”


November 16th, 2012 and no mention of a body here.


  • The building up of the video as described back in September in this post.
  • The Jack Barnes versus Musky Allen debate on BTR.
  • The “award” to Rick Dyer.
  • Now blatantly lying with accusations that are provably false.
  • They claim anonymity in their beliefs, but we find that is only their link to FB/FB they find objectionable.
  • They make a lie and point a finger at the main antagonist against Dyer, but in turn give Dyer a pass on his posting what they are trying to blame the antagonist for.

And of course in true hoaxer fashion they are going off lying now that they have been outed.

If I did it, I would admit it. I would say, “my bad and offer apologies.” I’ve made mistakes before. But I won’t admit to mistakes I haven’t done.



In fact if anyone would like to send me correspondence, they can send it to 25 Prospect Ave, Troy, NY 12180! LOL.

Till Next Time,