Well the hypocrisy shows in the ranks of the “Dyer-tribes.”

See after Dyer was accusing me of something, I have proven I haven’t done, he goes out and puts Racer-X’s identity including his address and phone number on the air of his radio show.

Didn’t I say something in a previous blog about psychological transference before this happened?

How about an alleged tape Issleb stated he has (which would be very illegal) of me threatening “Jack Barnes,” in a telephone conversation?

I never posted “Jack Barnes” address and a picture of a house. Nor did I ever threaten anyone on the phone to expose anything!

Now, I think, FB/FB is having some buyers remorse by now stating I “misrepresented” what they said. (Strangely the message came from the “Jack Barnes” account but talked about him and “Jeff Anderson” in third party.)

They claimed I took it, “out of context.”

But here’s the request and the reply from them which I published. How is THAT out of context?


Then the email in traditional “having no proof mentality,” goes on to attempt to redirect the conversation to me “exposing ‘Jack Barnes.’”

They made the statement, “Jack did you a favor going on your radio show a year ago and you betrayed that trust.”

Really??? When was “Jack” on?



Now that Racer-X aka Randy F. has outed FB/FB on his page, let me elaborate on some more discoveries.

I did not know the identity of “Jeff Anderson” who in real life is author/journalist/public relations dude, Jim Larranaga. Thanks to Randy pointing that out… I now know.

But here comes the juicy stuff.

Both FB/FB and Chris Noel cried foul when I revealed who “Jack Barnes” really was. Trying to paint me the bad guy. In reality, the inconvenient truth for FB/FB is that if you search the internet hard enough, you find that that “Jack Barnes” was first outed by Matt Moneymaker on Cryptomundo back in 2011, angry over the release of the Georgia dash-cam video.


Foss Exposed by Matt Moneymaker on Cryptomundo

But how does Matt know this? Very simple, we go to Jim Larranaga’s very public Google Picasa page, and a BFRO expedition in 2009.


Larranga BFRO Expedition

Included in that wonderful PUBLIC album is this screenshot:


The caption states, “*** searches for Squatch activity on FLIR footage.”


“Jeff Anderson’s” not so private on beliefs

Now please spare me the diatribe on the exposing of “Jeff Anderson’s” real life identity that being Jim Larranaga.

Larranaga was VERY public about his belief in public about Sasquatch, amongst other things.

In fact here’s a Blog Talk Radio show featuring him using his real name talking about our favorite topic, coincidently the same day I had, “Jack Barnes,” on Squatchdetective Radio.

Larranga on btr


Racer-X.. er… ah Randy, showed us a picture of book Larranaga had written previously to the “You are Sasquatch” publication. I’ve expanded it to include the description.




But it seems Bigfoot isn’t the only non-mainstream Larranaga believes in, as Larranaga also has appeared on Coast-2-Coast, with Art Bell, way back in early 2002.


Larranga on Coast 2 Coast


Nope, I didn’t expose him first!

Now back to “Jack Barnes’” exposure. They act like I’m the bad guy when people posting, besides Moneymaker’s little hint on June 1st, 2011,  on The Bigfoot Evidence Blog have been posting his identity before the Dyer Tent video came out.

Exposed again 5

Exposed again

Foss Exposed on BFE 2012Exposed in Feb

Not to mention, Jim Larranaga is the contact is for the following domains, both created on 2/14/2010:

  • Bigfoothabitat.com (Which redirects to FB/FB)
  • Discoverbigfoot.com

As far as “Jack Barnes” is concerned now, I’m sorry, I wasn’t the first to expose it. But I was the one hitting the Dyer/Issleb hoax the hardest now wasn’t I?

And I still haven’t re-exposed “Jack Barnes’” identity. In fact I haven’t written “Jack Barnes’” real name anywhere on this page, only showed what other people have said long before my post a few weeks ago.

Now they made a very bold claim, stating they would take down FB/FB if this is a hoax. Why shouldn’t we know their identities?

 Without it their promise is WORTHLESS!

Now that Racer-X… er… ah Randy has put it out there again with a lot more information than I ever dug up, their promise now has value, as they will never again be able to “sneak back” under more pseudonyms, and aliases.

Now they will be able to keep their promise.

Till Next Time,