Freezer Boy’s at the time venomous ex-compatriot, Tim Mitchell had some very interesting things to say over the last few months.

One of which was,

Kulls doesn’t know what the hell he is doing people are sending him stuff and he is just running with it. I know for fact.

                                                                      Tim Mitchell January 9th, 2012


I’ve often said when an opposing side has no facts, they retort to lies, and absolutes, such as, “I know for a fact.” Well if it’s a fact…then prove it.

But to show you how we here are not too quick to print or publish anything, against a particular party, in this case, Freezer Boy, let me share some of the internet craziness.

This was sent to me on February 21, 2013.




“As I was unable to find an email address, I am using this. I was told to contact a Steve Kulls regarding this matter.

I did some work for a Mister Dyer recently. I was commissioned to design various "monster parts" with a lifelike feel. I designed and manufactured these body parts, as follows:

Prosthetic arms, complete with hands

Prosthetic legs, complete with feet (I was instructed to make an articulated foot with a mid-tarsal break)

Torso, complete with chest and genitals.
The entire project was to be covered with yak’s hair in most places save the palms of the hands, feet and genitals.

There was a possibility of making a head as well, with the specific parameters of apparent gunshot damage to the back of the head and the face, but I was told that this would be decided later, after completion of the torso.

The things I make feel real to the touch, and simulate organic flesh, so they tend to be a little costly.

I quoted a sum of $15000, with half down and the other half within 90 days of order completion.

I completed the order within the time allotted, and Mr. Dyer had the order picked up by one of his associates.

Now it’s been well over 90 days and I have yet to see the remaining money owed on the project. I have tried to contact Mr. Dyer regarding this, but he has been avoiding my calls.

I took Mr. Dyer’s word on trust based on his relationship with Minnow films. He said that the project was to be used in relation with a film promotional, which, to me, means that my work will be seen widely.

Thanks for hearing me out.”

                                                            Email addressed to author, 2/12/13



And folks just remember this is BS and is either

  • A ploy to see if I’d just post anything without verification
  • Someone who really hates “Freezer Boy,” Ricky Dyer
  • A combination of the above.

A subsequent email exchange between myself and the submitter, obviously led me to the credence that this was untrue, and should be disregarded as complete nonsense.

First there were three different names used between three different communications.

Second the phone number was a California exchange and did not match up to the IP address of the submission, which my form panel does automatically. This is done to prevent people from hoaxing reports and collect data such as being presented here.

Third, the phone number was also out of commission.

Fourth, some puzzling contradictions in the responses… here’s one…

Mr. Kulls,

   Sorry for the number, I didn’t want to be contacted via phone on this just yet. I can get sued for discussing the project. 


Well wait a minute, you just wrote to me a long report making claims and you don’t want to talk to me because can put it in writing but can’t speak on the phone???

Also the fact the IP goes back to Montana, the telephone to Hollywood, California, leads me to suspect that something is very amiss and is an attempt at a hoax.

I asked him the reason why and this is the response I get:




Of course a request to see an NDA is not in itself a violation of an NDA. That would give some considerable weight on his claims.

After that question, silence for two weeks. Nothing, bupkis, nada.

Conclusion, a hoax.

Extra conclusion, a hoax about a hoax.

So again Freezer Boy and his minions attempt at stretches to outfox good old common sense are again out maneuvered.

On the other hand, it seems Mr. Dyer is on the move again. Why so many state jumps Ricky? Haven’t seen your addy on the web, even though I know it for now. Anyone see the movie, “Grifters?” 

Some people are stating he’s moving to Santa Clara, California, because Dyer alluded or stated that. Come on, do we believe anything he says? My best guess is he’s moving to “where the winds come sweeping down the plains.” But again that’s only a guess. If I’m wrong about that, I said it was a guess.

What I am not guessing at is that this is a hoax.

Like I said folks, Tick-tock, never mind the diatribes by Freezer Boy and followers, just say, “Show me the Yeti!”

Till Next Time,