Hey everyone! Sorry for the pause in updating the blog, I have been dealing with some heavy loads at work and dealing with a small health problem that I’ve seem to have turned around. Back to feeling energetic and ready for a good story, like the next one I’m about to right.

Tick – Tock Time is Running out Freezer Boy

Several weeks ago, I wrote about good ole Freezer Boy and his claims that “Shooting Bigfoot,” was going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Freezer Boy

Included on his site was the link to what to many appeared to be a listing of the movie that were going to be shown, but we pointed out that it was merely a list of a monetary award given to productions nearing the end of completion.

We also reported that Tribeca would not release the names of the films appearing at the festival, even to the folks with film entries, until the official press release and announcement of the 2013 Film Festival. 




True to form the official list of movies coming out for the Tribeca Film Festival, (found here) came out and guess what was NOT on the list? That’s right, “Shooting Bigfoot” aka “Of Monsters and Men.”

Tick tock…time is running out for Freezer Boy and Musky. By June we should all be putting this behind us!

Upcoming Events

Well as the spring pops in, I’ve got my schedule of appearances thus far…and it’s going to be a busy season for sure:

Hope to see you all in at least one of the events!!!

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