In my last post I spoke of what was thought to be a respected researcher, Chris Noel, who asked me to lie.

According to a statement to him I lack a moral compass, or possess any investigative or logical skills.

Statement from Christopher Noel:
"Steve Kulls has publicly released private information about my close friend, and about me. This behavior shows his true colors. Anything he says to try to discredit the truth of Rich Dyer’s claims about events in San Antonio should now be seen in the context of a complete lack of a moral compass. It has already been clear that Kulls does not possess any investigative or logical skills, but only a deep need for attention. And now we can add yet another layer of information about his character: He has zero regard for privacy or human dignity."- Source: Dyer’s blog.


Mr. Noel shows exactly how tilted his moral compass is.

See I follow the Five Tenets of Bigfoot Research I created in 2011 to avoid such dilemmas as Mr. Noel has placed himself in.

Read Tenet Number 5.  It’s been there for at least two years.

Sadly his response was that of pointing fingers, and name calling rather than even explaining why he would ask someone to lie.

And what private information have I released about you Mr. Noel? That you asked me to lie?

Expose the Charlatans.

Now Mr. Noel acts like I have done something dubious when really he needs to look in the mirror.

When I exposed FB/FB I was following Tenet Number 5, Expose the Charlatans,  which is directly correlated to Tenet Number 4. Responsibility to Educate.

Mr. Noel asked me to lie, and he expects me to keep secret his true ill mannered, and ill tempered nature which is apparent by the exchange. I came to him peacefully, even humbly to come to an understanding. Had he had been nice about it, perhaps I would have removed the post in question.


Moral Compass?

Mr. Noel should read Tenet number 3. (Always tell the truth)

Instead, he not only makes it a condition, to take it down the post, but to lie about it as one of those conditions.

Moral compass indeed!

And then he expects me not to say something about it. Never mind explaining his misguided attempts at establishing my moral compass, what about his own?

And then he lies, by saying I invaded his privacy, why? Because not only have I just caught you in a lie by stating such, but by establishing, it’s okay for people to lie publicly?

As for Noel he has gone from respected researcher to acting like a kindred spirit of the rest of the hoaxers, by name calling without fact, and asking people to lie, or in other words hoax.

His friend, the owner of FB/FB he has defended, has not even asked me as much, in such a dubious manner.

Investigation and Logic

Has it been clear that I do not possess any investigative or logical skills as Mr. Noel states.

I was able to track down the Real Musky Allen, and his friend whom he destroys his own credibility to defend.

To find the lies and name the names behind either the propagation of this hoax or compliance with it, the refusal to listen to any logic or dissenting opinion.

Logic? I’m not the one getting in bed with folks who claim, EVERY FILM is a real Bigfoot, or who calls a known repeat hoaxer such as Dyer, the “Researcher of the Year!”

Getting Personal?

If anyone noticed, in that post Mr. Noel wants me to remove, did a I tag the owner of FB/FB’s name so his name turns up on the Google/Search Engine world? No.

Did I post everything about him that I know, including personal stuff?  No.

There was a conscience effort to minimize some of the outing. But a losing side fails to see any light.

Even with what lies, and personal or otherwise have been told about me, I chose to take the high road. Believe me if I wanted to get personal, I could.

But merely stating facts and truth, always sends the hoaxer camps into more lies and personal attacks, sadly such as Mr. Noel has now bent to and show who he really is.

Mr. Noel does not understand, if I wanted to get personal, I would.

Mr. Dyer and I stated we would not get personal, however, I remained to the facts, but they have been so damaging to Dyer’s hoax, that he claims I have violated that.

No Mr. Dyer is just mad that I have the goods on him. So he spins it that it’s personal.

But if continued, to be lied about and attacked, by Issleb,  I just may. And that would be very embarrassing for Mr. Dyer, and his compatriots, especially Mr. Dyer.

I will give props to FB/FB for staying out of the fray as far as trying to attack me. Yes I exposed who’s behind FB/FB, and as if things remain civil, I see no need in repeating the name over and over again.

Unfortunately they dug themselves in deeper in a very conveniently timed award to Rick Dyer, in an attempt to legitimize him.  

Remember this quote from 2010?


“You win the argument of facts and logic, when your opponent resorts to name calling.”  – Steve Kulls, 2010 (in response to Biscardi’s attacks on him.

My suggestion to all, is if you have a body, PROVE IT! All we’ve seen are tall tales, gullible people, and facts, which very conveniently have some huge holes in them. 

Put up or shut up…quit the grandstandin’ and braggin’

That would be the ultimate damage control, now a special desperate radio show now wouldn’t it?

Till Next Time,