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According to the Minnow site it is to air on BBC Channel 4 (Storyville).

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The implications of this is yet to come…

So what we have here is a San Francisco Examiner Article where, the 2008 orchestrator of Georgia Body Hoax, Biscardi, is involved with the movie Dyer is claiming will prove his body exists.





However…. (and there’s always a however with these guys),

We did a little research on the film…

This is what we know.



BAFTA winner Morgan Matthews, Director of Shooting Bigfoot

(formerly called “Of Monsters and Men.”)

In April 2011, the movie later to be called “Shooting Bigfoot,” directed by Morgan Matthews received an IFT Grant from the Tribeca Fund.




Our analysis shows that the filming of the documentary ended long before September 6th, 2012. In fact it appears Morgan Matthews was busy on many other projects in 2012. But 2011 only one listed, and not “Shooting Bigfoot.” That can be verified here

In fact submissions for the Tribeca Film Festival 2013, ended November 30th, 2012.

Plus the fact that the Tribeca Lineup has yet to be announced!  What has been show was the winners of the TFI Grant’s projects. Not the lineup of the Film Festival.

Could they finish it that quick, with the obvious follow up science and filming that goes on after the killing of a Sasquatch?

And just why shortly after the Tent video, and previous to the body announcement did Rick Dyer buy all that video equipment?


$T2eC16VHJHEE9ny2rTGsBQgGye6rDw~~60_12$(KGrHqFHJCMFBrO8y2ssBQe1tlgimw~~60_12$(KGrHqJHJEEE-njyti9OBPqEhQQV Q~~60_12Windscreen$(KGrHqRHJBQE-cO4pOLGBPpqFwvzuw~~60_12   $(KGrHqZ,!noF!Odv)g-kBQIHgB8R-w~~60_57Bag listing - expedited shipping

Items bought by Dyer prior to the body announcement


Maybe to make an impression?

Why would Rick be advertising in local websites to join his Bigfoot Crew for 2013, if he had already solved the mystery?


Posted again prior to the “body” announcement.


Now line that up with the bogus Navigator claim, Issleb’s strange untruths about Meldrum’s honorarium and “partial embalming,” Dyer’s Bigfoot body of 2009, the MiB stole my Bigfoot claim of 2010, I have a license to kill one in Canada tale (2011?), what do we have? Come on folks!!!


Thanks to Melissa Hovey the Tribeca stuff!!!


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