This just in from a Facebook user who belonged to the group, Facebook/Find Bigfoot.

For the last three years we’ve seen some really BAD investigations (or lack there of as it is just looking at video)  on some films, claiming “EVERYTHING IS A BIGFOOT,” from Facebook Find Bigfoot. 

They been hoaxed intentionally by children, and they taken films which have been long debunked as being a misidentification or otherwise (a hoax) and spun it like it’s a Sasquatch for all to read.

Well now they have stepped over the line, by propagating a hoax by failing to put in use any sort of critical thinking or investigation and censoring differing opinions.

Yes they have let some dissenting opinions on their page about it, but refuse to let factual information stand. And they seem sensitive to criticism, and the fact they are the number one source of the promotion of Dyer/Issleb claims.



Apparently this user, well known to me on Facebook, has been banned from the forum and his posts removed for offering some critical thinking and real investigation…



Apparently, FB/FB is now falling in line with censoring factual information contradictory to their agenda whilst propagating the hoax.

In my eyes, that is adding to their complicity in this hoax by them. If they have an argument to the information presented, then present it. But they choose not to, because they have none.

By such actions they have just chosen a side, and placed a stake in the Dyer/Issleb duo.

And let’s not forget, they are the one who called Allan (sometimes Wayne) “Musky Allen” Issleb, the “most respected skeptic.”


Update 2/13/13

After being asked respectfully from a representative of FB/FB I have decided to remove the identity of the FB/FB founder. I have placed one condition on this, and have done this first as an act of good faith…

FBFB Reply


I will be one of the first to call on for FB/FB to shut down when this turns out to be a hoax. And when it does, perhaps ole Musky and Dyer may have actually done us a favor.

I can understand gullibility, I can understand naivety, but what I cannot stand is arrogance.

My next guess is that Issleb will produce some “documents” in an attempt to prove he was with this wild claim he was Rene Dahinden’s apprentice. (I know that sounds a little Star Wars!) In turn FB/FB will offer this up as “proof", Issleb is telling the truth.

We know better and so do the readers of this blog.  

And so soon when this blows up on them FB/FB will be entered in the Squatchdetective Hall of Fame with others so cherished as Biscardi, Standing and Newton-Perry. The Hall will be getting a revamp very soon. (March-April) and will have new entries for the new folks to get their footing for footing.

Till Next Time,