The last few days, since the turn of events in the Musky Allen – Rick Dyer saga over yet again another claim of a dead Bigfoot has taken a series of turns which make things appear, that life is truly stranger than fiction.



(Left) Issleb, with (Right) Dyer.


Musky Allen who’ve we determined to be Allen Issleb of Wisconsin, issued a statement, making allegations of attempting to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum involved. (The Facebook posts are courtesy of Researcher Brad Vincent…excellent job!!!)



As  it turns out this appears much like comments from the body propagator, and it is completely false. You see folks I know, Dr. Meldrum’s appearance stipend and it is not so grandiose as claimed.  Matter of fact it isn’t even close.

A “partial embalming".” Can someone please explain that to me?

The circulatory system is a complete system, please explain how you only let some of the blood out and put part of the formaldehyde in?  How does that work?

Something stinks and it isn’t a Sasquatch body!

There was also a comment made by Issleb that he flew home to Chicago. Again our sources, and by his own admission, he resides in Wisconsin.


Steve and Dr. M

Dr. Meldrum and I at the East Coast Bigfoot Conference in late 2011.


Dr. Meldrum elaborates…



Now… lets take a look at another Pro-Bigfoot group that has come forth over the last couple of years; Facebook FindBigfoot. The Facebook group run by Jack D. Barnes. Guess what? That’s not his real name either. It’s a pseudonym.




In September, they were propagating the Stacy Brown footage, much to the dismay of Stacy, as he had asked to keep it under wraps.

The release of the footage they stated they had promised us was in actuality the Dyer Tent video, as you can read my previous blog entry here.

The fact of FB/FB’s strange behavior around these events are leading me to suspect what some in the community are already saying, that they too may be involved.

I may suspect it, but the evidence isn’t quite in yet on that one, and maybe just in their amateurish nature, they have committed to a course, and their ego’s demand they stay upon it.

Now in similar fashion, as we’ve seen with other hoaxers, including Dyer himself, FB/FB has made a statement that many are construing as if Dyer does not have a body, FB/FB will shut down.

But that is NOT what was said, what was said was…


FBFB Promise

(Courtesy of The Bigfoot Evidence Blog)


What they said if there is no further evidence. Not evidence to support Dyer’s claims. It’s a little vague if you ask me, and as we have seen in the past with folks like Linda Newton-Perry and her promise to shut down her site, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, don’t expect it to happen.

I’d like them to follow through in their promise, however I don’t expect it, and there would be a litany of excuses as to why the promise was not made good on. 

Also there is a big contradiction in the testimony of Dyer and the testimony of Issleb on what was seen versus what had occurred. The whole shooting doesn’t appear to add up to me and sounds a bit far fetched.

For example, Dyer claims after he shot the creature in the back, it runs and he gives chase. A camera man gets in front of the creature and he shoots it in the back of the head, and the exit wound exits via the mouth.

Well isn’t that kind of stupid taking a direct shot of something with a camera man caught in the crossfire?

And if the shot exited through the mouth, why wouldn’t the camera man been hit?

Issleb’s testimony, is again not scientifically correct, (which should be for such a “well respected skeptic”) and contradicts some of the things Dyer states had occurred.

An exit wound through the mouth would have been catastrophic and noticeable, mouth closed upon examination or not. There would have been a fair amount of swelling and disfigurement.

Thanks to Bruce Barraclough, we have the links to the interviews.

The interviews can be heard here:

Dyer’s Account:


Issleb’s Account:


Thanks to Matt Knapp and also Larry Wentz for pointing out, and thanks to all the other contributors, the list is getting way to big to list them all now!!!




Whether this is a real spoof site or not, they identify Musky Allen, using his real first name, which many did not know, REALLY was.

The interesting thing is site spoof or not, identifies Musky, (Issleb), and uses his real first name. Some researchers thought that Tim Mitchell was really Musky Allen, but that is incorrect.

Mitchell appears to be someone as Cindy “Pinkfoot” Shafer is, caught in the belief and entrenched that Dyer’s claims are real.

Even to the point that Shafer has been saying she cannot be friends with people if they are friends of mine. (Is this High School?)

I wouldn’t read much into the site, it does appear to be a spoof and someone’s disgust and anger over this strange diversion to real Bigfoot research.

But as to the people making the big claims, it would seem that the house of cards is crumbling. This often occurs when things are just, made up. Players reveal themselves, and more inconsistencies arise as more players get involved, as well as more outlandish claims.


Till Next Time