For the last week people have been asking me who the “most respected skeptic” is, Musky Allen.


Well folks I have a series of questions to ask yourself?

Where was Musky in 2008?



Only late in 2011 did we see him. And as shown previously in this blog, at least one of his statements is blatantly incorrect. 

Why hasn’t any of the old-timers heard of this person?

Most respected? By whom?

There have been some statements, that I’ve heard he has made by some, that make me question the validity of this person at all.

Who is Musky Allen? A screen name with a face behind it. Why the lack of whom he really is?

Where are some articles or a blog he has written?

I mean when I think of Skeptics with reputation I think of James Randi, Joe Nickell and Ben Radford. The common denominator between the three is, THEY USE THEIR REAL NAME. They’d be traceable to see if some of their previous claims are true and to see that their background is congruent to what they claim.

In some cases, as in witnesses, they do it to protect themselves from scorn, professional harassment.

But in the case of a skeptic?

Now Musky says the body is real?

Were you surprised?

I was not.

A nameless character, first annoying the antagonists of a particular person, to the point of being blocked on social network sites and building up a pseudo reputation, then goes out to the particular person who has amazing claims and then verifying them.

The only surprise was the announcement of them acting in concert. But once the announcement was made, it all MADE SENSE.

The first indicator was the fact that on certain podcast shows, where Musky was, so was this particular person. The build up of Musky taking on the very people who believed in this particular person’s claims.

Then bring in Musky to the scene of the particular person and OF COURSE, he’s going to verify it.

Let’s also remember folks that I myself am a skeptic. When I walk into a case I take things at face value an I dig. And then dig some more. I do my damnedest to debunk everything. That adds value to putting things into the unclassified category.

That’s what I’d like to do, why are people trusting Musky, because he claims to be a skeptic. (Apparently now claimed)

Without a real name, how do you really know that he just wasn’t playing a part?

Now if I am correct, this will be turned into a personal attack on ole Musky. And attacks will be directed at me, because I simply called into question some facts and requesting that clarification and some transparency be made.

But it’s not. It’s just a simple call for the need for Musky to prove who he really is other than an online personality and prove his background.

He made the claims, so let him prove his background as any legitimate skeptic would ask for.

Again all we’ve seen is some forum, chat room and Facebook comments.

All I’m asking for is what a reputable skeptic would ask for…PROOF…some transparency. 

I will say, I do know Musky’s real name. Things don’t add up to me, BUT…rather than point it out, it’s time for the readers to do their own little digging. Let them come forward with the facts.

I will let people be their own detectives. Don’t be quick to accept statements, be quick to accept facts

Till Next Time…