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The Bigfoot Media Machine

For the last year or so I’ve been sitting around and pondering questions to myself and to others, as to exactly what effect is the information super-highway having on real Bigfoot investigation.

After much consideration and thought, I see it digressing in much the way traditional media has come about.

Television came to full bear in the 1960’s and news reported just that news. Speculation was a rarity. By the 1990’s news on TV was evolving into a 24 hour service.

Today, speculation, pundits and opinions are the filler between actual news stories.

In the 1990’s the internet slowly began to change the way Bigfoot information was transmitted. By the middle of the 2000’s printed newsletters such as Daniel Perez’s newsletter and Ray Crowe’s newsletter (The Track Report), have became antiquated.

The beginning of the new millennium public forums and discussion groups about Bigfoot were the rage. Now that too is slowly fading from view.

By the beginning of this decade, information has spun so far out of control, there is little hope to keep much under wraps.

Why is this? Because on a daily basis just as in the mainstream, there is very little real information to write about. So these sites, my own included, have to use speculative content to fill the time. In some cases some blogs have gone to vitriolic hyperbole to  fill the time, others report rumor, rather than fact for some of the time.

Since the popularity of “Finding Bigfoot,” there has been an influx of new researchers and media that has entered the fray. The problem is, they come in and some don’t know anyone from anyone. 

They report things such as captures, killings of Sasquatch, sensational footage, or blobsquatches, that this type of thing is new. It’s not. Far from it.

Look up the names of Kerlow, Marx, Wallace and Crook just to name the few.

Look up the names of the researchers that had to make the calls on these things, and had to report on them, such as Byrne, Green, Dahinden. What would the pundits be saying about them today if the technologies today existed then?

Do the new folks even know who the Four Horsemen are or were?

It seems to me, after watching a few documentaries, owning the box set of season one of “Finding Bigfoot,” and having the ability to create a Blogger, Word Press or YouTube site, some of the “noobs”  feel they are some sort of authority to speak on the daily happenings on the community.

I take pause to wonder if this is what the older generation thought of us.

The majority however have been great, and have integrated nicely, however as usual it’s the exceptions that usual create the loudest noise.

As does every once in a while something brilliant does come out, but so often it can be twisted by opinion or naivety, I’m not sure which at times, but the problem is the point gets lost by hyperbole.

My mission has always been one of truth, so when I see opinions in spite of the truth that I’ve investigated, which in this case is not yet been made public, until now, it makes me cringe.

If we can’t get the truth in real life right, how can we even get close to solving the mystery of the Sasquatch?

While some do move with trepidation at first and exercise caution, some do not, and they act without restraint, in essence doing more damage than assist.

The old school way was to write letters and later telephone. That eventually graduated to blogging and email, and now has to digressed by some to the easy way out and just blog about it.

There is a hell of a lot of reporting, just no investigating.

The end result is people writing things with no real knowledge of anything, except what was written by others, speculated and talked about on a forum, and regurgitated in some other format.

The Melba Double Standard… 

Remember 2011 everyone criticizing Dr. Melba Ketchum for not saying anything public about the study and results? Now the criticism has turned to she DID say something about the project, for whatever her rationale.

My original criticism was wrong that she made a statement, and I myself felt swayed by public opinion. My criticism still stands however, for including a political statement at the end of such.

But she was standing, at least in 2011 on scientific reasoning for not saying anything and we weren’t happy, now she did in contradiction to 2011 and now we’re criticizing her for it.

Stages of a Bigfoot Hoax…

Guy Edwards has written about stages of a Bigfoot Hoax, which he was spot on and brilliant, but unfortunately there is a major component missing.

And my points here are not to discredit Mr. Edwards, as he should be complimented for pointing these stages out in his model, but as an alternative to his opinions based on his model because it lacks a stage.

The essential component missing from Mr. Edward’s stages of a Bigfoot Hoax is the very first step. In every hoax, con and the like, there is a mark. The target. Remember that.

So the next time someone comes a knocking that says they have seen a Sasquatch, have them running over their property, have a body, a live one, and they are a hoaxer, YOU, not the public, not the community, are their mark.

As in every con, they prey upon the mark’s beliefs, naivety and faith in people. People have said to me, “but they were so confident I thought for sure…”

Hence the term con. It’s an abbreviation for confidence.

Now I don’t want to digress into, an argument of “The Boxed Bigfoot,” but some have forgotten Occam’s Razor, and this I feel duty bound to the truth to address.

Mr. Edwards’ last stage, “Claiming you are victim of a hoax” he is directing, or it appears such at the MABRC. No….NO… that should be directed at Ed Smith. That could have been Smith’s exit plan, which didn’t take.

And there’s a problem with Smith’s exit plan… Smith has no evidence that he was hoaxed. And whatever did happen to “Smith’s Documentary?”

Now did the MABRC play things out as I would? Probably not, in some areas but they’re not me nor, I them. And so is no one else for that matter. They will be rethinking their methodology for sure, and rightfully so. We all do that on a constant basis, or should. It’s all too easy to be an armchair quarterback in these instances.

Mr. Edwards also brings out the point that Dr. Meldrum alone should have been enough to validate the claim. HUH?

If this hypothetically turned out to be real, the good Doctor would have come back and reported to the community, it’s real and his ass would have been barbequed as being bought, or some insidious plot how he was likely extorted, to say that, or worse yet, and unfortunately the most likely, the pundits would have attacked his good reputation by saying, he just wants to get his name in the paper and statements of that ilk.

That’s a lesson I learned the hard way even when you report something as a hoax. In these public debacles, NEVER, EVER go it alone. That’s also a lesson learned by some of the vets, and in my opinion, hence the BRG team, consisting of folks outside the MABRC, was formed, before anything was put into motion.

Smith named Meldrum and Hovey, and Darren Lee, Director of the MABRC chose Kathy, Abe and myself also to be part of the independent team.

We all knew that if Mr. Smith was lying, the public announcement of the team would be the quickest resolution to ending the claims. Darren, myself and a couple other members of the group spoke of that privately shortly after the announcement of the group was made. The clock was ticking for Smith.

The group was formed for four days prior to the public announcement and nothing Smith stated to Darren indicated that this would not move forward. Within hours of the public announcement, Smith called Darren with a potential problem and a day later, the group wasn’t needed. Yeah, go figure.

Let’s stop scapegoating, and put the blame on the real person, the VERY REAL Ed Smith.

YES… Ed Smith is real…

It’s very simple in my professional past to determine if someone is real or not. With Mr. Smith, a common name we needed something more, and we got one in a middle initial. With that info, I hit my resources hard, burning the midnight oil.

If he was fake the information would have been inconsistent., incomplete or more likely nothing at all. After I got the potential suspect, I pooled some information on what was known about Mr. Smith and confirmed this was indeed the very real Ed Smith, the phone numbers and email being the clincher.


Page one of a contact report confirming the existence of Ed Smith.

We know the names of his parents, siblings, his residence history, all consistent with the information known, his date of birth, phone number, which has been confirmed by sources as his own, his email, again confirmed.

The MABRC knew 75% of the information we uncovered, which helped greatly in verifying the data we collected was valid and consistent with the person they were dealing with the last several years.

What we did uncover they did not know, were the things that go against Smith’s claims, such as the lack of owned property, or any recent business ownership and work history not consistent with his previous claims and a purchase history, forensically indicative that this was a made up story from the get go, in 2008, when Smith first burst upon the scene claiming to have done this for ten years prior.

Matt Pruitt deserves the majority of the credit to this, as he has been researching the background of Mr. Smith for the last two years. Awesome job and hats off to him for his diligence.

I’d also like to thank Matt Knapp for obtaining property searches in the area as well.

My own involvement in the search was getting Mr. Smith’s work history.

So I hope that puts that issue to rest.

As to the impact of the MABRC…

A History Lesson…

There was a hoaxer that infiltrated a group of researchers.

They even paid him to track the activity in areas of the creatures. He came through with sighting reports and eventually led them to evidence that was hailed as great new convincing evidence.

He gave them frequent updates, which got the group excited that they were getting close. There should have been a lot of tell tale signs, which became apparent after the fact, that he was a hoaxer. But he seemed sincere and convincing so they believed him and even the evidence he had led them to.

He had been with them for about four years when it all came crumbling down for him.

They even were going to pay him $25,000 for his new ground breaking evidence.

The year was 1971, when Ivan Marx, (Biscardi’s mentor) claimed he had a film, which was obvious what it was.

The men associated with Marx before his claims, Roger Patterson, Rene Dahinden, Peter Byrne, Bob Titmus, John Green to name a few.

Oh and by the way… that wonderful piece of evidence that Marx led these men to?

The Bossburg Cripplefoot, the cornerstone of Dr. Grover Krantz’s thesis on Bigfoot evidence and he proudly displayed on all of the In Search Of… episodes and other documentaries.


Till Next Time,


In a developing story over the last week, a blogger from investigating Rick Dyer’s claims has come up with the location of where the infamous Tent Video, aka Sunglass wearing Sasquatch.



Does this look like an area abundant in Sasquatch?


The information comes from The Racer X blog… that’s all I know about this guy, but has done his homework and is spot on! Great work!!!!

**** Special Note****

After doing due diligence involving Mr. Dyer’s arrest record, we have determined that he was NOT convicted of any crime whatsoever, in relation to charges stemming from Arkansas, Texas or Florida. In all cases these charges were dropped, so we have in fairness removed posts of those allegations and recommend that all blogs move on and remove those topics as well.

We have also discovered that Mr. Dyer also completed his service with an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army. In that respect we thank him for his service.

In fairness it may have been a little  serendipitous of us, after all we are in America, were all information may not be complete on the web and where we believe in innocence until proven guilty in regards to criminal matters.

Till Next Time,


Official Announcement Regarding Ed Smith  / Quantra  from Team –

“In communications with Ed Smith, Quantra claimed to have involved a public relations firm that negated the need for outside researchers involvement. This occurred within 48 hours after the announcement of the composition of the list of independent researchers.

There has been nothing presented to the individuals involved to substantiate any claims of Ed Smith. The researchers involved attempted verify the claims in reference to Quantra but were denied an opportunity to do so.”

Official Statement of Steve Kulls

By now some you have read the statement by DW Lee of the MABRC that he was asked by Ed Smith, on behalf of Team Quantra to establish a “Bridging Group.”

Several days ago, I was asked by DW Lee, much to my surprise, if I would participate in a meeting with Team Quantra, and the possibility of being able to observe their “live specimen.” 

I was particularly impressed with the named researchers, as they represent all a fair representation geographically of the United States and a couple of them being scientists.

The Independent part of the Bridging Group consists of:

  • Dr Jeff Meldrum
  • Kathy Strain
  • Melissa Hovey
  • Abe Del Rio
  • Steve Kulls

The MABRC part of the Bridging Team is as follows:

  • D.W. Lee
  • Randy Harrington
  • Jim Whitehead
  • Rob Gaudet
  • Doug Todd

I have no details of what is exactly to take place, nor a timeline, a location, nor any photos, videos and the like.

All I have is a commitment to have a meeting with the alleged Bigfoot captors.

This is one of many steps that are necessary to validate their claim.

If you’d ask me a couple of weeks ago, what are the odds, that this was real, I’d honestly tell you, “Slim.”

I still feel that way, however I am impressed at this effort.

Other than that, I have been a viewer on the sidelines as much as anyone else.

I have not been in contact with Ed Smith during this time period, and my only contact pertaining to this matter has been the last few days with DW Lee, who has as well wants to this to see this to the end.

Due to my “boots on the ground,” mentality, and’s mission statement, we must follow this to the end to see if such claims are the truth or otherwise.

To have absolute proof, you must follow the proof absolutely.

My personal “proof of life,” is to lay eyes on their specimen. No more, no less, videos, photos, interviews with Team Quantra will not suffice.

I will be releasing no further information on this independently, as I am now part of an assembled group. However I will not allow this to be a long, drawn out process either. This is not for an air of secrecy, but to prevent any wild speculations or conclusions.

-Steve Kulls, 01/07/13

Well this year has definitely shaped up to be interesting already.

I was quite shocked, but laughingly so, when I was informed by Bigfoot Ballyhoo hoaxer, Linda Newton-Perry herself, that when she does a Bing search of her name, our sites here at and more particular here come up first.

Remember LNP’s blog has posted these gems in the past claiming to be real, only to be time and time again revealed to be poor attempts at hoaxes.


(Left) Picture posted on Ballyhoo, as one of the picture of “Big Clyde,” and labeled as “ESP Property,” turns out to be reverse image of a screen cap from 1977’s “Legend of Sasquatch.”


Or where she got caught red-handed posting a picture of a track, which turned out belonging to Florida researcher Tim Fasano.


Sru lake footprintFasano

(Left) Post from Ballyhoo claiming from, “our inspector,” later found out to be from a Florida researcher.

But the coup-de-grace was with the help of an anonymous source and the good folks from Texla Cryptid Research, where they assisted in tracking down the people pictured as the ESP team.


        Bill D Emery    August 2010be3

(Left) Ballyhoo’s Bill Emery, (right) in real life was Vince Chasteen from the Fort Worth Exchange.


      Hank Parchellgt2

(Left) Ballyhoo’s Hank Parchell, a play on 1977’s “Legend of Sasquatch",” character Hank Parshall, (right) in real life is Gene Tilley, coincidentally who also works at the Fort Worth Exchange. (Note this picture was taken on our investigator’s trip there.) 

There is much more than coincidence in LNP’s characters. Hank Parchell, was a play on the 1977 film “Legend of Sasquatch’s” character, Hank Parshall. Coincidentally, that’s where one of the pictures of “Big Clyde,” was hoaxed from. Coincidentally both Mr. Chasteen and Mr. Tilley, are handlers at the Fort Worth Exchange of a bull by the name, “Big Jake.”


And let’s not forget LNP’s broken promise…



A new look at Ballyhoo with new technology!

While we’re at it let’s look at yet another of LNP’s Hoaxes exposed just tonight. Thanks to the new image search engines here’s a post back in 2010, about the Sru Lake Gate. The post was in response to someone telling her she was full of sh**! because there was no gate at SRU Lake.

Sru Lake Gate Post

Gate picture has Sru Lake written on the gate, claims to have been taken in Nov. ‘09.

In  actuality the picture was taken in 2007, and found here, as a result of the Kim family from San Francisco, California going missing in Oregon on November 25th, 2006. This was the gate the family found opened and entered the area.  Unfortunately Mr. Kim succumbed to the elements.



Yet another LNP story, backfires.

And remember the poor late founder of the ESP team?

Well he supposedly sent Linda some pictures in late 2009 as one of his last ventures into the wilderness.


Notice the blurring in the lower right hand corners of the pictures?

Well funny, here’s 2 pictures taken by Vern Rogers in 2006 on his Fotabug page.


Busting LNP’s stories is just getting too easy. Both pictures are identical, but credited differently in her post. This is an all familiar story on Ballyhoo.

So one ponders to ask the question, is ANYTHING true on Bigfoot Ballyhoo?

Now to the present, so Linda writes me a complaint, here’s my first response…

First Email


“I want you to take the pages and articles of lies you’ve told about me off the Internet. When ones goes to bing and types my name, Linda Newton-Perry, the first article that comes up is a page from one of your sites calling me a liar and hoaxer concerning the ESP Team. The team is real. You have no right ruining my good name. Perry”

                                                                     Email from LNP 1/6/13

My Response:

You reap what you sow.

There was another exchange, and basically she said she’d go to court, I sent her the truth of it, and that if court she wants, I will gladly go, because the truth is on my side and she better be prepared to defend a countersuit for a sham lawsuit. I then told her that since she was trying to intimidate me, any further communication I will consider harassment.

Some folks would back down, but it is why I back my claims up with hard evidence. If they want to look like more of a liar than they are, let’s go to court, because the truth IS on my side. Not to mention, as a professional investigator, I was always prepared to go to court. That’s also why before I use the “H” word, I have my ducks in a row, and have hard evidence to back it up.

There’s a lot of folks that are quick to use the “H” word, because they have an opinion. That makes them LIABLE for all sorts of things.

Just because something doesn’t conform to the way you would do things, or what you believe or if information is limited, that is not proof of anything. Let’s remember that. We must up the bar. Investigate. Do something other than just speculate.

That’s our standard to prove these creatures exist too. We should set that bar in all our standards.

Well on to some good news…

Later this month…


Squatchdetective Radio is moving to the SEPIA Radio Network, Thursdays from 11PM EST to 1AM EST. The reasons for our move is we are finally moving to some terrestrial radio markets, a broader listenership and more opportunity to bring the truth of the Bigfoot mystery to people.


Sepia Logo


More info to come on where to download the show for those who can’t make it, or can only stay for a limited time. We’re also reformatting the show as well, with me, Chris and our soon to be announced third chair, who will act as second chair in the event of my absence. In fact… he might even be here this week…ya just never know!


Till Next Time


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