Again, I love going back to an old case and adding some more into the “complete” file, especially using new technology.

This picture bothered me for some time, and I figured I put it to the test.

Here we have Linda Newton-Perry’s ESP Team, the late “Dale Saxton” on her “tribute page” to him posting a picture of Dale and the boys, posted on February 4th, 2010, claiming to be from Burnt Mountain Oregon.



This was posted pretty close to the inception of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. The caption states “Dale and crew 1977.”

Well not to be outdone, we used our new web scrubbers and guess what we found?


The picture comes from the Sierra Logging Museum, which was posted on November 18th, 2009 and the original link can be found by clicking here, and lists all the names of the loggers pictured, (absent in the names were Saxton, and Parchell) which was coincidentally shot in the Sierra’s, not where Ms. Newton Perry claims.

Yep another Ballyhoo/LNP falsity DEBUNKED as a hoax.


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