In a developing story over the last week, a blogger from investigating Rick Dyer’s claims has come up with the location of where the infamous Tent Video, aka Sunglass wearing Sasquatch.



Does this look like an area abundant in Sasquatch?


The information comes from The Racer X blog… that’s all I know about this guy, but has done his homework and is spot on! Great work!!!!

**** Special Note****

After doing due diligence involving Mr. Dyer’s arrest record, we have determined that he was NOT convicted of any crime whatsoever, in relation to charges stemming from Arkansas, Texas or Florida. In all cases these charges were dropped, so we have in fairness removed posts of those allegations and recommend that all blogs move on and remove those topics as well.

We have also discovered that Mr. Dyer also completed his service with an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army. In that respect we thank him for his service.

In fairness it may have been a little  serendipitous of us, after all we are in America, were all information may not be complete on the web and where we believe in innocence until proven guilty in regards to criminal matters.

Till Next Time,