Well this year has definitely shaped up to be interesting already.

I was quite shocked, but laughingly so, when I was informed by Bigfoot Ballyhoo hoaxer, Linda Newton-Perry herself, that when she does a Bing search of her name, our sites here at Squatchdetective.com and more particular here come up first.

Remember LNP’s blog has posted these gems in the past claiming to be real, only to be time and time again revealed to be poor attempts at hoaxes.


(Left) Picture posted on Ballyhoo, as one of the picture of “Big Clyde,” and labeled as “ESP Property,” turns out to be reverse image of a screen cap from 1977’s “Legend of Sasquatch.”


Or where she got caught red-handed posting a picture of a track, which turned out belonging to Florida researcher Tim Fasano.


Sru lake footprintFasano

(Left) Post from Ballyhoo claiming from, “our inspector,” later found out to be from a Florida researcher.

But the coup-de-grace was with the help of an anonymous source and the good folks from Texla Cryptid Research, where they assisted in tracking down the people pictured as the ESP team.


        Bill D Emery    August 2010be3

(Left) Ballyhoo’s Bill Emery, (right) in real life was Vince Chasteen from the Fort Worth Exchange.


      Hank Parchellgt2

(Left) Ballyhoo’s Hank Parchell, a play on 1977’s “Legend of Sasquatch",” character Hank Parshall, (right) in real life is Gene Tilley, coincidentally who also works at the Fort Worth Exchange. (Note this picture was taken on our investigator’s trip there.) 

There is much more than coincidence in LNP’s characters. Hank Parchell, was a play on the 1977 film “Legend of Sasquatch’s” character, Hank Parshall. Coincidentally, that’s where one of the pictures of “Big Clyde,” was hoaxed from. Coincidentally both Mr. Chasteen and Mr. Tilley, are handlers at the Fort Worth Exchange of a bull by the name, “Big Jake.”


And let’s not forget LNP’s broken promise…



A new look at Ballyhoo with new technology!

While we’re at it let’s look at yet another of LNP’s Hoaxes exposed just tonight. Thanks to the new image search engines here’s a post back in 2010, about the Sru Lake Gate. The post was in response to someone telling her she was full of sh**! because there was no gate at SRU Lake.

Sru Lake Gate Post

Gate picture has Sru Lake written on the gate, claims to have been taken in Nov. ‘09.

In  actuality the picture was taken in 2007, and found here, as a result of the Kim family from San Francisco, California going missing in Oregon on November 25th, 2006. This was the gate the family found opened and entered the area.  Unfortunately Mr. Kim succumbed to the elements.



Yet another LNP story, backfires.

And remember the poor late founder of the ESP team?

Well he supposedly sent Linda some pictures in late 2009 as one of his last ventures into the wilderness.


Notice the blurring in the lower right hand corners of the pictures?

Well funny, here’s 2 pictures taken by Vern Rogers in 2006 on his Fotabug page.


Busting LNP’s stories is just getting too easy. Both pictures are identical, but credited differently in her post. This is an all familiar story on Ballyhoo.

So one ponders to ask the question, is ANYTHING true on Bigfoot Ballyhoo?

Now to the present, so Linda writes me a complaint, here’s my first response…

First Email


“I want you to take the pages and articles of lies you’ve told about me off the Internet. When ones goes to bing and types my name, Linda Newton-Perry, the first article that comes up is a page from one of your sites calling me a liar and hoaxer concerning the ESP Team. The team is real. You have no right ruining my good name. Perry”

                                                                     Email from LNP 1/6/13

My Response:

You reap what you sow.

There was another exchange, and basically she said she’d go to court, I sent her the truth of it, and that if court she wants, I will gladly go, because the truth is on my side and she better be prepared to defend a countersuit for a sham lawsuit. I then told her that since she was trying to intimidate me, any further communication I will consider harassment.

Some folks would back down, but it is why I back my claims up with hard evidence. If they want to look like more of a liar than they are, let’s go to court, because the truth IS on my side. Not to mention, as a professional investigator, I was always prepared to go to court. That’s also why before I use the “H” word, I have my ducks in a row, and have hard evidence to back it up.

There’s a lot of folks that are quick to use the “H” word, because they have an opinion. That makes them LIABLE for all sorts of things.

Just because something doesn’t conform to the way you would do things, or what you believe or if information is limited, that is not proof of anything. Let’s remember that. We must up the bar. Investigate. Do something other than just speculate.

That’s our standard to prove these creatures exist too. We should set that bar in all our standards.

Well on to some good news…

Later this month…


Squatchdetective Radio is moving to the SEPIA Radio Network, Thursdays from 11PM EST to 1AM EST. The reasons for our move is we are finally moving to some terrestrial radio markets, a broader listenership and more opportunity to bring the truth of the Bigfoot mystery to people.


Sepia Logo


More info to come on where to download the show for those who can’t make it, or can only stay for a limited time. We’re also reformatting the show as well, with me, Chris and our soon to be announced third chair, who will act as second chair in the event of my absence. In fact… he might even be here this week…ya just never know!


Till Next Time