I had the wonderful opportunity to get out to Vermont just prior to Christmas to visit some old sighting locations and stomp around the Green Mountain National Forest with our good friend and Vermont affiliate Frank Siecienski, before they close up the roads.

Over the next month I will be adding the write ups to these sighting reports to Squatchdetective.com and wanted to share a few other pictures of interest.

The amazing thing about Vermont is that there was snow cover, prior to all the storms this past week that hit the Northeast. Can’t imagine what it looks like now… I will shortly, trust me on that one.



The gorgeous view from the Green Mountain National Forest.



Home to bear, moose, wolves and coyotes.

Nothing like trying to sneak a cheap peek around to see if there’s any Sasquatch tracks around, unfortunately their weren’t but, did manage to see this bad boy of a wolf print.


That’s one BIG paw print!

The day’s trip continued to the Chittenden Dam, and Reservoir, where nearby there was a multiple witness sighting in the mid-90’s.



The Chittenden Dam (above) and the boat launch to the reservoir (below).


The sighting took place in the parking lot about the Reservoir at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort.



The trip definitely ended 2012 on a high note for me regardless of all the wild stuff going on.

The bottom line is, when it’s field time, it’s the time, us in the Bigfoot Community, should feel the most at ease and at peace. Doing what we do best; looking for evidence and admiring the beautiful planet that’s been laid before us.

For all of us here working behind the scenes at Squatchdetective.com, and Squatchdetective Radio, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!! God Bless!

Till Next Year!!!