Well the news broke today shows that the “Bigfoot Steak” sample’s analysis broke down to be mainly Black Bear with some human blood contamination.


The Bigfoot Lunch Club covered the story, plus some audio excerpt of Melba Ketchum on Coast 2 Coast AM discussing it.

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On a positive note…

I will say this, the Sierra Evidence Initiative showed integrity.

Here’s their statement and evidence release:


They promised transparency, damned be what ever the evidence may be.

They’ve done that! Great job to them for following through, no matter how disappointing the results may be to them.

Hat’s off and a big ovation for the truth!!!

It isn’t over just yet…

There is another to be tested, so it isn’t exactly over yet. Remember the sample tested was a sample recovered a couple of months after the incident. There was no direct correlation that this was from a Sasquatch, other than found near the site of the incident. 

There also exists a pair of boots purportedly with potential Sasquatch blood, which has direct contact with the incident site. So that could be the final DNA chance for Smeja’s story to be scientifically validated.

And there’s evidence off to Oxford for the Sykes’ Study.

Remember too folks, this doesn’t mean Smeja’s story is false or a lie, it just means that no DNA evidence has validated it.

Meaning if there isn’t it becomes yet another classic in the way of the Ostman Case, Jacko and Fred Beck.

Well it’s late in the fourth quarter for the evidentiary proof in this matter, now we wait and see if there is a “Hail Mary” yet to come to save the day. 

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