We were on that old arrest, but found out that it was posted back in 2011 on the Bigfoot Lunch Club.

We do know on a legal forum this is what Dyer posted prior to his arrest when he was most likely being questioned:


Now he just states his account was hacked. Strange his ex-wife is of Mexican descent. But we don’t know the outcome of the charges, only Dyer’s words, which lately we cannot take at face value.

But on to something that hasn’t been reported… something a little more recent…


Dyer Arrest


All I can say is wow… details to follow as I analyze the docket. Looks like a plea bargain may have been made , by Dyer’s Public Defender. What we do know is on 5/19/12 the court ruled probable cause for an arraignment which was to commence on June 14th, 2012 but was closed due to Dyers Public Defender filing Notice of Appearance Pleadings.

It did take another 3 and a half weeks to alter the No Contact Order to No Violation Contact.

(1) the parties wish to resume contact,

(2) the alleged victim seeks to lift the order freely and voluntarily,

(3) the alleged victim is not afraid of the defendant,

(4) the alleged victim does not fear or anticipate future violence,

(5) the nature of the contact the parties wish to have

The nature of the modification, I could really care less. What we do know is the incident occurred at Dyer’s residence where he was advertising a company named Quality Roofing in Deltona, Florida. (The listed owner was Michael Knight…now see if you can make the connection that I make to this.)

Now what I see here is a man who since 2008 has had several moves, companies under different names, accusations causing his arrest in several places, causing him seemingly after the fact to move on.

  • 2008 – Georgia hoax, questioned by police, alleged threat of lawsuit.
  • Moves to Texas.
  • January 2011 – Arrested accused of EBay Fraud in Texas.
  • Moves to Oklahoma.
  • October 2011 – Arrested in Arkansas for Grand Theft Auto. (Charges later dismissed. Confirmed with court.)
  • Moves to Florida.
  • February 17th, 2012 – RV burns up on the interstate. Claims to be on 36 State Bigfoot Tour.
  • May 19th, 2012 – Arrested in Deltona, FL. Domestic Violence on a Pregnant Person. (Charges appear to have been plead out.
  • Moves to Nevada.

Back to selling electronics, and in some Craigslist ads names the items from  Washington, UT, in some NV. Is now selling furniture and electronics and last known auto sold in NV, got a less than positive review by the buyer on EBAY, which, I know is Caveat Emptor.

He also created this site:


Of course the item for sale prominently displayed is a two month old Galaxy Samsung III (Remember that Tent Video?)

In Late October 2012 he was placing ads in different sites on the web,



Now this is my last post on Mr. Dyer’s claims. No more press for him. His story is filled with holes, excuses like the cheese of Switzerland. I’m not buying it, and I’d be the first to say if it sounds legit, but it does not. 

This is a carbon copy of 2008 sans Biscardi and some new packaging. Funny thing is Rick did teach me a lesson here. But I someday will reveal that lesson, after this episode has passed.

When I met Dyer in 2009, and got the evidence to show Biscardi’s complicity, I had hopes Dyer would turn his life into something positive. But then in May of 2009 he told me again he had a body. I asked him two questions, and from his answers I could tell it was a lie.

See I had studied what questions to ask and how his particular responses to them would tell me the truth of the matter.  In 2010, he admitted he lied to me. Because he felt I was ignoring him, he began his “Steve is involved” storyline again.  That’s why I hadn’t talked to him in over a year, because he lied. That’s why I ignored him. That’s why I didn’t friend him on social networks.

We talked and he apologized. 

Then after a while, another body and the MiB’s. Then it happened again, we talked and he apologized.

But what I see here, in my opinion, is a man spiraling out of control. He does love his kids, I will tell you that, but someday all of this, will become a disservice to them.

Folks I was a professional investigator for 18 years. I moved on to do more positive things with my career and truthfully, being a Private Investigator is not recession proof. But when assigned a case this is what we do. We look and analyze, and look some more.

Sometimes when you look for that smoking gun too hard, you forget to look at the overall picture. And I was known as a Pit Bull when it comes to cases. But as I sit and look at the overall picture, I realize I don’t need to solve this one. I know professionally, what he has, and hasn’t got.

I have no jury or judge to convince, no beyond reasonable doubt.

If this does not open some people’s eyes to what is going on here, well they just have to learn by experience which sometimes is the best teacher of them all.

Me… I’ve got research to do.

Now onto Bigfoot.

(Thanks to Sasquatch Scoop for contributing elements to this blog!) 

Till Next Time…