Well I’ve been sitting back reading the latest hyperbole about the alleged new Bigfoot on Ice. Call it “Bigfoot on Ice: The Sequel.”

Seems like the two major sources, have been citing an “insider source.”

But the first chink in the “Inside Source’s” armor has arrived.

Now, I can’t say where their source is getting their info from, allegedly one states the insider is getting their info from Minnow Films themselves. Is the “Insider Source” bad itself or is it the “Insider Source’s” source?

Well the reporters using this source need to check that one out.

Here’s a clip from a post using this insider, and their proof of what the believe to verify this source…


CC Post

Note: Offset color panel not an option for 2012 model…however it was for 2003 model.

From Dyer’s Craigslist ad from late September 2012.



The ad was later deleted, and apparently he wanted to keep this 9 year old vehicle. (Soon to be ten)


Book Value (Source Kelly Blue Book):


A far cry from $70,000 right?


In fact a 2012 Loaded 4WD with Tow kit and Navigation MSRP is $67,635 according to Kelly Blue Book.


Here’s the Navigator in one of Dyer’s other car ads…



So it appears the “Insider Source” has some problems.

And if one card in the house of cards doesn’t pass the sniff test…


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