A few weeks ago, I noticed on a blog, that someone had copied a Facebook conversation I had with a colleague of mine. The blog is the parody of Bigfoot Evidence, by the gentleman named in my first, easy prediction of 2013.

I’m not even sure it was the complete text of the conversation. But, I know I had eliminated certain supporters of this individual and that he should have not seen my posts, but somehow got them… okay tactical time.

Well the he turned out to be a she, as she was posting the party message from said individual.

So I tried to have a conversation to see if she was nonchalantly endorsing him or being more devious.

Me: In fairness to the truth, I would like to ask you several questions on your research into the Dyer allegations.

Would you be willing to answer some questions?

Her: i would be happy to reply to any questions you may have.

Me:  What evidence have you seen that Dyer’s claims are true?

        That’s it for now…. I’m sure I’ll have some follow up.



NOTE : This young lady made a statement on a public forum, “That from the evidence…” she’s seen, Dyer has a body.

Her: I have not seen the body. I hope to.

Me:  Okay so what evidence are you basing your opinion on? I’m trying to help you understand something here. Privately.

Her:  I don’t need any help. Thanks.

Everyone has opinions of Rick and his unreliability. I understand. I am not as jaded as most.

NOTE: Wow, I was being nice, I could have just ripped her up publicly by some of the things she said… such as her idiotic statements about Dyer not caring about the NDA, which BTW he never said he had one publicly, I was the one who stated that an NDA had to exist if what he said had any truth, and that he’d be in a boat load of trouble for violating the NDA.

Me: I’m not jaded. I actually think it’s funny. Rick is using the same playbook as in 2008. Everything he says now he has said before. Like his confidence.

I never heard someone in a confidence scheme be not confident.

And how many hoaxes and lies has he been caught up in. Plus I know what he’s doing, and my evidence is growing that this is just a silly repeat of 2008, just his way this time.

NOTE: Now she tries to throw me off balance, quite unsuccessfully.

Her:  Where you part of 2008?

Me:  yeah I shut them down.

Her:  I know very little of that hoax, not interested. I believe it to be true without any opinion of Rick’s credibility, but from the circumstances, the environment, the videos, and from others (sic) envolved.

NOTE: Strange she brought it up…I put a lid on it and NOW she’s not interested. Well since she’s being a bit rude, I am going to up the ante, especially with the comment of “and from others involved.”

Me:  So you’ve met the others involved? (And you better be interested… history repeats itself)

Are you in contact with Rick?

NOTE: Now I’m in the position of outing her for making BS comments like, “from the evidence I’ve seen,” and “from others involved.”

 Her:  Please trust that you are not the first to try and sway my opinion. Thanks for your time, but you won’t change my mind. Happy Holidays!

Me:  Now I know… thanks…. Dyer is not getting anymore of my posts from you.

How rude, I forgot to say Happy Holidays to her to. But you see if this person is even real or not, and I actually believe she is, is this the kind of researcher we want in our community. They certainly don’t make my grade with the statements she’s publicly made on and in Facebook groups, saying she’s seen evidence and yet, hasn’t, which is evident.

She’s also being ousted from other Facebook groups as being the source of information to Dyer as well.

She stated she would be happy to answer any questions I have.

(Oops silly me, she said she’d only reply to the questions I have..well I guess she did on that point! LOL)

Funny the only answer I got was she hadn’t seen a body. Yeah…what a surprise.

Ask 4 questions, 1 answered, 1 dodged, and 2 ignored.

Well glad I was bored today!!! LOL

Of course names have been omitted to protect the guilty.


Till Next Time,