You know, with the current state of Bigfoot news, conspiracy theories and wild stories in some circles are just bouncing around. I’m actually sitting back amused, and a little astonished at the gullibility of some folks.

Before people believe anything, they should investigate thoroughly to see if it stands up.

To prove a point, I figured I would attempt to debunk a Conspiracy Theory being put out in the web in my area, and did it in a record five minutes, just to show how things get blown out of proportion when the answer can be right in front of you.

One Conspiracy Theory that was close by to my home and has a nation-wide appeal is the FEMA Concentration Camp conspiracy. I Googled “FEMA Concentration Camp, Albany, NY”

It led me to a website, which shall remain nameless, but it’s slogan is “Deny Ignorance.” The post was made back in 2007.  Well… a little of their own medicine is perhaps what is needed.


I will start with the alleged photo of the FEMA Camp. 


The picture above was labeled with this caption above it….

Here are two more images of the Albany detention facility. They all seem to have a common theme so far. Close to railways/waterways and near some type of work facility. Check out the Navy boat in picture 2 which is just north of the facility.

Now let’s look at what this detention camp really is…


It’s a water treatment facility. One of several in Albany. This one, in the Port of Albany. Wouldn’t you expect guards around it or something. When I saw the location I laughed heartily, because I’d just been past there a month ago.

Would you really expect an internment camp to be placed within feet of a road, with no guard shacks, no double fence, no guards.

Now on to the navy boat as the guy points out…


Here’s his Navy Boat, and the file on his site even label’s it the USS Slater.

Funny thing is I knew it was the Slater before I even saw  the label…why???


So we have one of several scenarios here:

  1. The ridiculous notion, the Slater is somehow still in commission, despite being run by a group of private citizens, to do what? Destroyers of that size are not transports, and considering if it was on a “Top Secret” standby, why would the general public be allowed to stomp around it? Let’s not even mention they put it in storage for the winter and is not even there.
  2. He was a bad investigator, and fit the facts to the theory rather than the theory to the facts.
  3. He’s a hoaxer and is putting up bad information and nonsense, or attempting to promote himself. After all, he labeled it the Slater on the jpeg.

So before we jump into believing certain folks making the claims of attending Bigfoot deaths or having a body (again), we should focus on convention, investigation, research and reality, rather than on words alone.

Claims without evidence, just grandiose tales, or in another case statements made when a supposed NDA exists could be the same as the above example.

For all you newbies, who are buying into this stuff…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

We should all be saying prove it … or get lost! None of this wait and see BS with those type claims. Science is one thing, this is another.

Remember no claim is supported by secrecy. No claim is supported without evidence.

And a video, picture or audio is only as good as the story, and investigation behind it. If there’s none then there is usually a good explanation…it’s garbage.

Wonder why FB/FB has been hoaxed several times, including by children, have included films which were proven hoaxes in their greatest of all time? Because they don’t care about real investigation. Or in their arrogance, they think they can look at a film, without talking to witnesses and doing an investigation to determine it’s authenticity despite being relative newbies?


Prediction 1 for 2013

Dyer body will never be produced or to be scientifically proven real – If history serves as a true teacher, I believe it’s motive here, was the same as in 2008 before Biscardi got involved. When it all comes out, the folks that are on the “bandwagon” will all look like chumps, or at least that’s the intent. At the top of that list is FB/FB. 

  1. Remember Dyer in 2010 (or was it 2011) also claimed MiB’s took his “real” body the last time. Later admitted to be bunk.
  2. Dyer also claimed to have a body in 2009, again all bunk by admission.
  3. Dyer claimed to be hunting one in Canada with governmental approval, proven to be bunk by an official letter from the Canadian government.

Okay you get the drift. (I’ve probably missed a few more examples.)


Till Next Time…