There are things that circumvent our quest. Usually we speak of things cryptid here, but this just rips at me and my colleagues.

First I would like to offer my utmost of condolences to those in Newtown, Connecticut. When I first saw the news of this, my heart jumped into my throat.

As the sad story is unfolding, here’s what we know, at approximately 8:30 AM, the alleged suspect Adam Lanza, 20 years old from Newtown, Connecticut, entered the school first assaulting the Principal’s Office during morning announcements. From there he reportedly assaulted one of the Kindergarten classes, which some reports are listing as unaccounted for.

Lanza’s mother was a  teacher at the Elementary School, and reportedly she has been reported as one of the victims.

Sadly this is a case of mental health and domestic violence spilling over into our lives for there isn’t anyone in this country, and most of the world that aren’t effected by the news of this tragic event. I’m sure as days pass we will learn more about what made this person do the unthinkable.

There will be blame laid at people who, “should have seen the signs.” We must remember hind insight is always twenty-twenty. Perhaps this time, the smarter people than me, can garner some knowledge to prevent this in the future or at least get the wheels in motion to just figure it out. Just in the last years we’ve heard of the names of Loughner and Holmes. Now Lanza. Add that to Harris and Klebold, Hennard, Whitman and some others. All people with deep psychological strains that spilled over to the public effecting countless lives doing the unthinkable, and by acting with cowardice and venom, without moral turpitude or conscience.

My sympathies does not lie with these people named above as victims of the system, but with the people’s lives they ruined which the mental health system, if one truly exists, failed somehow, inexplicably.

But throughout this ordeal which will live on long after this Christmas and much, much longer for those who lost loved ones, we must remember this; Remember those whom are so dear to us, hold them close, relish every moment you can spend with them, you never really know what tomorrow will bring.

What makes this so tough is that it’s proximity so near to Christmas, I cannot imagine what the families of such are experiencing.

Again our deepest condolences and prayers to the people of Newtown, Connecticut, our thoughts will be with you throughout this ordeal.

My wish, although now may seem unbearable, in some way, smiles may some day down the long road, return to your faces.

Tears, Prayers and Love…