Proven hoaxer, Linda Newton-Perry, is at her games again, claiming government cover up and the Smithsonian Institution hiding unknown bones/body.

One Facebook user writes this observation:

“I knew something was wrong with the whole story, she contradicted herself on the video. ‘The government covered it up!’ Then she goes on to say, ‘You can make a request to see the bones and get DNA!’ and the file number didn’t have the right codes for the Smithsonian.”

Thanks M.W.!!!!! Great observations!



More deception from LNP.


Let us all remember here (click to read the page… Ballyhoo Team Exposed) how she was caught in numerous falsities and caused her inclusion to the Squatchdetective Hall of Shame.

It was actually one of the biggest slam dunks of exposing a hoaxer I have seen. Thanks again to TexLa Cryptozoological Research for their help!

The information broke after months of her publicly lying about not sending me emails or sending me emails that did not exist. She was caught time after time, claiming information was factual, when in actuality it was spawned from her imagination.

She’s a kid’s Bigfoot Book writer, so that’s her angle. Apparently she’s back to telling tall tales again and a here’s evidence with this exchange.




Again click here to see the evidence against LNP & Ballyhoo… you be the judge! I’m sure it won’t be a difficult conclusion.


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