As a resident of New York State I am outraged at the close-mindedness of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation’s Chief Biologist, Gordon Batcheller.

In a statement to New York businessman Peter Weimer, Dr. Batcheller insulted the hundreds, perhaps higher, New York State residents by stating the following,

 “This mythical animal does not exist in nature or otherwise. I understand, however, that some well organized hoaxes or pranks have occurred, leading some people to believe that such an animal does live.

   However, the simple truth of the matter is that there is no such animal anywhere in the World.

   I am sorry to disappoint you.  However, no program or action in relation to mythical animals is warranted.”

Gordon R. Batcheller

Chief Wildlife Biologist, NYS DEC

I would like to know, what evidence Dr. Batcheller has to support this to summarily dismiss this, when there are other qualified biologists that speak to the contrary?

Is this another NYS DEC whitewash, to deny without investigation. The manner in which Dr. Batcheller has displayed his disdain was insulting to the people of this state and lack of scientific evidence or examples of his claims were even more disrespectful.

Well organized hoaxes or pranks? Can Dr. Batcheller provide some examples of such in New York State that could be attributable for the hundreds of sightings over the last 200 years?

(Yes let’s include the Roger’s Rangers incident of 1754, as Vermont was officially part of New York State at that time.)

Or is this a closed minded opinion not steeped in science but rather opinion which is weighted because he sat in a class, rather than doing an actual investigation of a legitimate sighting report?

We have no doubt, that there have been pranks and hoaxes, ( I’ve exposed some myself) and misidentifications in New York, but that cannot represent the entire witness census. It is the ones that cannot so easily be explained that warrant investigation.

But it is hard to dispute this statement from the Glens Falls Post Star dated August 30th, 1976;

“Whitehall Police, New York State Police and a Washington County Deputy all responded to the scene (in regards to an incident where three men had seen the creature) and searched the area, but were only able to spot the creature from a distance.”

But if the State’s environmental agency does not wish to perform what they were mandated to do, should we be so surprised in a State that has long been mired with a slow-to-react or not-to-react mentality that Governor Cuomo is trying hard to turn around, should give us a smarmy answer such as this?

I can assure you Dr. Batcheller, the evidence I and my team have collected, nor the sightings, three of which were in New York State, was neither the result of a hoax nor the result of someone playing a prank or misidentification for that matter.

My suggestion is take five days next year out of your busy schedule and accompany me and my team into the field on five separate occasions. Take an additional two days to sit with witnesses that have observed the creature, then tell me you, with a clear conscience and being obliged to science that the creature is just a myth or what Dr. Jane Goodall says is a possibility.


Steve Kulls


Host, Squatchdetective Radio

Author, “What Would Sasquatch Do? Using Primate Behavior to Validate the Bigfoot Mystery”