I’m sitting here today listening to MNBRT Radio with DW Lee from the MABRC, and DW makes some great points.


Last month blogger Robert Lindsay came out with a blog stating he was under the belief that Ed Smith and the MABRC had a Sasquatch body.

Since it was completely erroneous, DW and the MABRC issued a statement:

that they could, “neither confirm nor deny the existence of a body,” and Ed Smith is a friend.


The community went into a frenzy.

It immediately started an influx of emails and phone calls, and…death threats.

Death threats…seriously?

It always makes me shake my head in disgust that some people that want to protect a different species would be so eager to take the life of their own.

It’s deplorable someone would stoop to that level. People need to grow up and not take themselves too seriously.

Also folks who do that, especially behind a computer, are full of themselves, are also committing a crime, called “terroristic threats.”

Those laws were created thanks to the evolution of the internet being a sounding board before someone goes on a rampage. And the law is equally applied regardless of the actual validity of the threat.

Nonetheless, the people whom make those sorts of threats, are usually the ones who get sand thrown in their face at the beach and get tied to the pier for high tide.


The next point was people demanding answers…demanding!

Demanding people to reveal anonymity and identities of people they in confidence stated they would not betray.

Now in my investigation life, even in a public setting, the investigator’s do not owe anyone an explanation… only to the prosecutors and to the court. Only after it goes on record is the public entitled to it.

Seems in the last couple of years some of the newer people in the field have this stigma of entitlement, be it a an armchair, blogger or otherwise. Newsflash… You’re not entitled to other people’s hard work. DO the research, earn it.

We don’t rush to judgment on anything here. We get our facts straight to the best of our ability, and sometimes the process can be painstakingly slow…but at least it’s quality.

And it makes you feel much better about sharing it then.

Now let’s look journalism aspect…

Email, Facebook, PM’s on forums, phones and personal contacts all exist.

I, before blogging about this particular statement made by the MABRC, and before making any conclusions, I made some phone calls and got to the truth of the matter in minutes. Minutes.

How hard was that?

No story there…hence no blog to write, or forum post to make. Case closed.

But we are in a stage with some, where it IS about hits and quantity, rather than quality. Reposting other people’s blogs on slow news days, for the sake of growing content.

That’s what I strive NOT to do here. Here we strive for original content. That’s what these blogs should strive to do.

Now there are some fine blogs out there to read. But regardless, when reading blogs, even this one, when reporting Sasquatch News, rather than editorial pieces (which this is) please weigh the article on the amount research that has gone into it, and take it at face value.

We stand with the MABRC, DW and Randy,  and the call for more responsible reporting. 


Till Next Time,