Our “friend” on the west coast, Tom Biscardi has been off my radar for a while. But a brief foray into what the “museum-less one”, (despite having documentation that he received amounts in the 6 figure range to put up museums but has yet to) has yielded a couple of things of note.

First, his foreign corporation, New Limited Concept Inc. turned out to be very limited indeed, The business Biscardi co-founded with convicted Ponzi Schemer David Nilsen is no more. The state of Nevada having revoked their certification on 6/30/2011. The move came after their registered agent company resigned.

TB Revoked

Nilsen was sentenced to 8 years in April and began his sentence on June 1st of this year.

An interesting development

Biscardi, according to documents to the Department of State in Nevada, has started yet another business with $250,000 startup capital, called Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc.



The listed principals in the company are listed as one President (Biscardi) and the rest as directors:

  • Carmine T Biscardi (aka Tom Biscardi)
  • Carmine T Biscardi, Jr.(Tom’s son aka TJ)
  • Dennis J Kazubowski (Tom’s Attorney)
  • Greta Goth
  • Youssef “Joe” Y Kelada, MD
  • Richard Fletcher (Tom’s former boss at Amalgamated Insurance)
  • William F Marlette (aka Marco Bill)

This is also in addition to Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. and Bigfoot Lives LLC, which currently is in default for not supplying the yearly list of officers as required by Nevada Law, since October, 2011.

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