One of the more interesting stories are of when motorists purportedly hit a Sasquatch. One instance was a report from Louisiana which gained national attention on the Outdoor Channel’s “Mysterious Encounters.”

However one that skipped, at least under my radar, was one that occurred near Hollywood, Florida in 1974 R

On 1 A.M. on January 9th, 1974, the Florida Highway Patrol received a report of a man hitting a large, dark, 8 foot tall, animal at Hollywood Boulevard, approximately five miles east of US Route 27.

hit oneJPG

The area of the incident as it appears today.

Today the area is abound with new houses, absent back at the time of the incident.

According to Trooper N.E. Johnson, there was damage to the front fender of the vehicle, but absent was blood, hair or fur.

last seen

The area 4 miles from the accident scene, where a “very large animal” was seen limping down the road, by another motorist.

The story however does not stop there.

At approximately 3 A.M. a motorist reported seeing a “very large animal,” limping down the road side, 4 miles from the accident scene.

Police conducted a search, which lasted six hours, including the use of a helicopter but were unable to find the “animal” according to official reports.

One radio station reported that the police had the animal surrounded, and capture was imminent, however the police denied the report.

What I find interesting is the according to Johnson, they kept searching in fear it could have been a human, that was hit, however they had two reports within two hours that the official version states was an “animal.” 

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