“Fool me once and you’re the fool, fool me twice and I’m the fool.” 

– Chinese Proverb


9/29/12 –

"I will walk away from Bigfoot give you my website if I’m ever near any hoaxes"
Rick Dyer


7/26/2008 –

“If this is not a real Bigfoot I will give you a Range Rover. If it is, you need to quit Bigfoot research.”

Rick Dyer


9/29/12 –

“The details of the press conference will be announced on ShootingSasquatch.com. ShootingSasquatch.com will be online 10/30/12”



7/13/08 –

“We will reveal the body to the world on September 1st, 2008 at a press conference.”

Rick Dyer


The verbose or the methodology hasn’t changed. Just packaged differently.


“Never sell your cabbages twice” – William Kulls


Till Next Time..