Well folks all the pieces have fit into a little puzzle.

The Tent video so hyped by Facebook Find Bigfoot, turns out to be a video from Ricky Dyer, and all the hoopla and fifteen minutes of fame he was hoping to get has been dashed.

Here’s some of the pieces of the puzzle. Dyer publicly via YouTube stated he was turning over BigfootTracker.com to another group on or around September 10th, 2012.

This information was passed to me by Craig Woolheater…On September 12th, 2012 his YouTube videos disappeared and suddenly ShootingSasquatch was created the same day.

The release of the video today personally attacked me and mentioned the Georgia Body Hoax.

Thanks to Carl Olinselot, and Steve Alcorn we have pictures convincing enough to reveal the connection.

BFTCapture Notice the tent, as seen of BigfootTracker.com


BFT2  Another picture of the tent from BigfootTracker.com


BFT3Capture Now the tent from the video, which has been released in color.


And finally some brash statements, I am all too familiar with.



As of today the domain ShootingSasquatch.com forwards to the YouTube Page.

The ShootingSasquatch guy is actually a picture found on ToonPool.com



SO this puts to rest the Tent Video saga…now on to the next one!



Till Next Time,