Unfortunately folks, Facebook FindBigfoot, earlier stated that we were going to see an amazing video.

Instead we got a low resolution, black and white video,


Avideo with NO investigation makes it WORTHLESS.

This is one of my pet peeves.

  • Where is the weather data? 
  • No sun/lunar activity data?
  • Where is the geographical information?
  • No shots of the site?
  • No search for trace evidence?
  • No on site investigation at all?
  • Where are the camera properties?
  • Only video analysis, which is based in speculation rather than science?

Eleven days and all we get is a cheap, usual why they think this is a Sasquatch analysis after the buildup.

My pet peeve is building something up and not doing the work to at least earning some basis of a buildup.

Stop promoting yourself at being a resource and DO THE WORK.

This is the kind of stuff that gives the Bigfoot Community a bad name.

Doing the work gives us a better name.

But… let’s remember something, because of FB/FB’s malfeasance and build up, lets remember not to crucify the submitter/witness.

We haven’t heard their own story, in their own words yet. This very well could be an authentic video. Albeit it proves nothing in the scientific spectrum. But we should treat all witnesses with respect and dignity.

Just because someone has a video or photo, albeit not the greatest, of their experience, doesn’t make them a hoaxer. We have no evidence a hoax has occurred here, in fact we have less evidence of that, than a Bigfoot was in the video.

Let’s keep our cool, and condemn the proper parties, not the surrogate. Time will tell if their story and video pans out. (No pun intended!)

It is apparent this time that FB/FB may have “jumped the shark” on this one.

Till Next Time,