According to sources inside FB/FB, the video promised on the tenth was not the video they released last night.

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, it was believed to be or we were led to believe it was because of the following statements,


“Be patient…It will be worth the wait”


“Many of you have waited for a really cool video.  It was worth the wait.”

And why mention it in this fashion, unlike many other FB/FB releases ?

Some could say it was intentionally done this way. I am not. But it could be construed that way.

If they are angered about the previous post, they have no one to blame but themselves. They painted the picture for us, so FB/FB apologize and learn from it.

As far as the previous entries, I call it like I see it. We did not call them hoaxers, we simply posed the question and let the audience decide.

That’s me, nothing I stated in the previous blogs were incorrect. We were waiting for a thermal video, and we get an I-phone video that we were told was the video we were waiting for.

Strange it is black and white, instead of color and could be construed by some originally as a thermal.

So with the statements FB/FB made, I posed the question to the viewer ship.

If FB/FB wants to accuse me of sensationalism, then what was it they did last night?

Till Next Time,