Did FB/FB hoax us by appearing they had the scoop on a video?


I don’t know you be the judge but here’s the facts:


On September 10th, 2012 FB/FB promises us a video,



On 9/24/12 at about 7PM EST we get this: 



On 9/24/12 shortly before midnight (EST) we get this,




“It was worth the wait”, indicates very clearly to me this was the video they were discussing on the 10th of September.

They stated in the recap that they saw it uploaded with only 6 views on 9/13/12, but they made the announcement on 9/10/12 about the video.

In fact, YouTube user, “ShootingSasquatch,” is the owner of the film and it was uploaded on 9/13/12.




In fact The Bigfoot Buzz Blog covered it here on 9/14/12!




The Bigfoot Buzz Blog writes,

“Was this really some Hairy Giant filmed outside his tent while camping in the deep woods ? My first worry about this supposed encounter is “NO SOUND ” Why was the sound deleted ? I can guess that since this is a daylight encounter that the ambient background sounds didn’t work well with a Sasquatch lurking about their tent during the day. Or another reason for deleting the sound was the acting was so over the top they had to delete it . I would like to hear from you do you think this is a good bigfoot sighting video ? I could be completely wrong and if I am I will not have a problem saying so.”

Thanks CP  9/14/12

One must ask themselves with the information presented tonight, where was the measurements, and daylight reenactment promised on the tenth of September?

Furthermore the YouTube site in which they stated they found the video on, and by their own admission are aware of, posted a video a day earlier, promoting the website ShootingSasquatch.com , which prominently displays the video.




The website was registered on 9/12/12 .




So what gives here? Seems to me that there is something afoot here, while FB/FB acts like they are, “in the know,” they merely state what was prominently displayed on the YouTube comments by the poster…




Why all the drama about the wait, when the video had been out? And they provide us none of what was promised, and speak about press conferences like the guy told them personally with no other details, when the same exact information was on the YouTube site last week?


The investigation continues……


Till Next Time…