As we try to bring the fairest representation, we now have some clarification of the FB/FB public relations debacle that ocurred last night.

Many thought that what we going to see was not what they hyped last night. It was only rumored to be a FLIR image and FB/FB did nothing, at least in the posts preceding last night to differentiate one video from the other.

In fact, in my opinion, they used verbiage seemingly to confuse the two. On purpose or not it does not matter, it was wrong.

I’m not looking for an apology, but I’d like to see a little more responsibility, and better communication.

But the fact is, that the manner in which they announced the video, and considering it had been covered ten days earlier in another blog, it was over the top. is a cool video, and I want to know more about it.

But apparently the video that was hyped the week previous was not the one displayed last night, so if my use of the word “hoax,” was over the top, I apologize.

But it’s how A LOT of us felt last night. “Over hyped” may be a better term at this point now that a clarification has been made.

I call it like I see it.

But in a Facebook conversation with Adam Bird, he tells me this,

“Steve I’ve seen the video that was promised on the 10th and FBFB did not release it last night nor will it be released for a while and that is because one of the two owners do not want it released. That video is a F.L.I.R film.”

                                                                            Adam Bird 9/25/12


Well, we’ll wait and see if the FLIR video lives up to the wait, personally I hope so.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Till Next Time,